New Releases 20th – 26th April

Not a mind blowing set of releases this Easter week – but Monochroma looks intriguing, and how the hell I’ve not heard of the Tex Murphy Adventure series before I’ve no idea . . . Kingdom Under Fire II PC MyCNX 21/4/2014 Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure Mac/PC Big Finish Games 22/4/2014 Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium […]

the flock

The Flock – Gameplay Teaser

The Flock, an asymmetrical multiplayer game, has received a new gameplay teaser. You play as the hunter hiding in the shadows, but your goal is to become the prey…



Dead Island Epidemic – Beta Review

Dead Island is known for being a first person shooter set in the tropical Papua New Guinea islands, where you explore the fictional island of Banoi whilst saving survivors, fulfilling quests and killing the vast number of zombies that showed up uninvited. Dead Island: Riptide is much the same, crossing a few more islands as […]


Evolve – Hands On

Evolve is a five player game, four humans versus one monster – except that the monster is a human too, at least the player taking its role is. Which is where this new multiplayer shooter from Turtle Beach (the team behind Left for Dead) distinguishes itself from the crowd – it’s a cooperative game that […]