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New Releases 13th – 19th April

A veritable smorgasbord of releases, covering the beautiful corrupt game, the rising of many civilisations and losing them, and the gaming equivalent of smashing your head against a wall repeatedly, hating it, but loving it at the same time. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Square Enix 14/4/2014 Backgammon Blitz PS3/PS4/PSV The Fyzz 15/4/2014 […]


New Releases 6th – 12th April

New releases this week, including the continued attempt of Warner Bros. to release a new LEGO game every 5 minutes, plus Made in Chelsea. The Game. Good god. DarkGate Android Kemco 7/4/2014 Grid Puzzle Android/iOS Pechas Game Studios 7/4/2014 Made in Chelsea Android/iOS Channel 4 7/4/2014 Road Run & Gun iOS Crave Creative 7/4/2014 Strike […]



I THREW MY BOLLOCKS AT THE CLOCK: Dark Souls 2 Week One Impressions

Once in a blue moon, a game comes along which flies straight under the radar due to having a niche appeal and a minuscule advertising budget, and nevertheless becomes a worldwide smash hit under its own steam. Very often, very rich people in suits sit bolt upright and say “Ho ho, fast track a sequel […]


Neo Scavenger – First Impressions

I got thrown into the grinder, I knew things weren’t going my way this morning” Neo Scavenger is a “post apocalyptic event” game, this event is unknown at the outset, though you find hints on scraps of newspaper randomly found in buildings and bodies throughout the world. This game is similar to rogue, for those […]



Indie Bundle Round-up

Here is the first of what I hope is the first of many Indie Roundups. The number of bundles that are released is growing every week, so what … [Read More...]