New Update:
Yesterday, During Kim Goeun’s Birthday on July 2. She looked with her new short haircut. No Later then looks Lee Minho also Cuthair and painted on the hair. Is it true? So guys write your comment below

Update Terbaru:
2 Juli kemarin bertepatan di ulangtahun Kim Go Eun, dia terlihat dengan rambut barunya potong pendek. Tak selang lama tampak Lee Min Ho dengan potongan rambut barunya juga dan dicat. Pertanda apakah ini? Tulis koment kamu dibawah yaa Guys.

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28 thoughts on “•Kim GoEun Called "OPPA" & Minho Get a HAIRCUT•”

  1. Please make a video on the meeting of Goblin after 9 years of absence and that of the meeting of LEE Gon and Tae will after 25 years. You are good at making videos..that will be wonderful..A Goblin and a KIng!!

  2. So sweet ,match and compatible to each other we hope going to next label to be soon..pray for you both for the happiness will be forever…god bless🌺❤️

  3. Every time I see them makes you feel so proud and happy .Hope the THE manpasikjeok will balances the love they developed in the kingdom of korea .♥️♥️♥️

  4. With the success of TKEM both LMH and KGE can expect to have projects on their way.For KGE she has a very big project it's an epic and history movie HERO which will again showcase her acting ability..Hope they still have the time for each other.if they are true to themselves They will find the time..

  5. They travelled back in time with 2015 when they first had a closer look at each other only 2seats that Fate??

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