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Tiếp tục 1 video hướng dẫn makeup của Lan ấu Kim. Video này sẽ là chủ đề về cô gái bất lương he he!
– Makeup tutorial: Lan Ấu Kim – 兰幼金
– Video by: Lan Ấu Kim – 兰幼金

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41 thoughts on “【Lan Ấu Kim】Hướng Dẫn Makeup 《Thiếu Nữ Bất Lương》 |【兰幼金】❤不良少女♥| Makeup Tutorial”

  1. Very rough english translation of what she says (I have the reading comprehension of a kindergartner so I don't know what the text says sorry!)
    0:58 Intro "Hello everyone, I'm …… I'll be doing a ….look in in today's makeup tutorial. In today's tutorial we're going to be using these new makeup brushes. I've actually been using them for some time and thought they work really well, so I'm now recommending them to you!"
    1:45 This is a loose powder brush. The brush uses imported synthetic bristles. Synthetic bristles don't cause allergies. The brush hairs dry quickly, lessen cleaning time, and don't shed – no matter how much you use them the bristles won't fall out. They are especially soft.
    2:02 she talks about the brush handle and the color of the barrel — something about the pale tones of the handles and barrel are well suited to her

    (The brushes are MerQueen brand — I have not been able to find them online)
    From what I could tell lolll everything is mirrored I can't read the labels
    Chanel loose powder
    Eyeshadow: TooFaced Just Peachy Mattes
    Eyelash Curler: google 'Travel friendly eyelash curler' there's a lot of brands carrying that shape
    The second Mascara: KissMe HeroineMake Long and Curl Mascara (most likely the Super Waterproof version)
    Eyeliner: KatVonD Tattoo liner in Mad Max Brown
    Lips: MAC Versicolour Varnish Cream Lip Stain
    Eyeliner on the lips: Dolly Wink Loquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown
    Freckles: back to the KatVonD eyeliner

    7:55 "Finished! This time's tutorial will go until here. I hope everyone likes the look. One last recommendation for these brushes, they truly are very good to work with. Bye bye!"

  2. Sorry to say I am not impressed !!! You did not make yourself more attractive, you were beautiful to begin with, all you did was make a beauty more colourful !!! I loved you at the beginning and at the end !!! 💕💕💕💕

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