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급하게 추워진 날씨에 너무 잘 어울리는 노래, 태연의 “U R” 커버에요 🙂
날이 갈수록 성숙해져가는 쿠몽이가 불러드릴게요 🤗

One of our favourite songs by Taeyeon! “U R”
Hope you all enjoy Hayeon COVER of it ♥︎
#태연UR #URcover #taeyeoncover
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32 thoughts on “태연 Taeyeon – U R COVER 커버 | [CVS]”

  1. Hayeon effortlessly hitting those high notes! It really runs in their blood! 💗 Hope you will sing together with Taeyeon unnie 😊 Fighting!

  2. As great as she is, I don't think Taeyeon would let her become an idol…. She mentioned before she wouldn't even let her daughter be a singer…

  3. 자매인걸 떠나서 무슨 노래든 커버하면 원곡 특징 따라가기 마련인데 진짜 다르게 잘부르셨당 원곡생각 안나요👏👏

  4. Can you cover jessica's call me before you sleep and summer storm? I really love you're voice!! No wonder you're taeyeon's sister, you two can sing together. You should join her being a singer ❤️

  5. Ok THIS was bold. I don't care if you're related to her or not, you do not cover one of Taeyeon's signature songs if you can't nail that thing to the wall.
    … and she did.
    Taeyeon has more of a "diva" voice where Hayeon is more "cute", but the control, the emotive projection… all of it, right there.
    Even without the familial connection, Hayeon nailed this! Having said that, I can just imagine big sis having this huge, proud grin on here face hearing this.

  6. You're so talented Hayeon 👍🏻 I listened a lot of people to sing this song but I just love the way Taengoo do. And now I heard your video, I think you're the second can give me the feeling like your sister do. Thank you for your singing! Hope you're doing well! Love you guys !

  7. His sister's voice is lighter and Taeyeon's voice is heavier? That's in my opinion, but the point is they are truly extraordinary.

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