Draw with me on Procreate! Today I will make a strawberry boba (bubble) tea Illustration in Procreate on Ipad Pro. This is step by step tutorial for beginners so you can easily follow the video and paint your own illustration. Digital art on Procreate is so much fun! Hope you will enjoy my video, and please check my products here:
➡Watercolor Brushes –
➡Aesthetic Stamp Brushes –
➡Free Paper Textures –

If you make your own drawing using this tutorial, please tag me on instagram, I would love to see it!
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Here are the accesories I got:
Ipad Pro 12.9inch case –
Tempered glass screen protector –
Paper like screen protector –
Usb-c to SD card reader adapter –
Usb-c to Usb adapter –
Apple pencil 2nd genetarion –
My Ipad –

Collaboration: siakulaart@gmail.com

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