6/4 TACCLA 商會視訊講座系列 – 6 6/4/2020


這是疫情衝擊下,我們最後要面對的財務信用市場變化。三位主要銀行專家將提供您第一手的情资 – 銀行在想什麼?

日期:‪6/4/2020 ‬週四
時間:‪3:00 – 4:00pm (‬洛杉磯時間)
報到: ‪2:50pm‬





1. 田詒鴻: 皇佳商業銀行,TACCLA商會名譽會長

2. 賴淑遠: 國泰銀行,TACCLA 商會理事

3. 楊薇瑧:華美銀行,TACCLA 商會理事

6/4 TACCLA Webinar series – 6

“Impact of COVID-19 on Loans & Lines of Credit “
(plus: HEROS ACT)

This is the end of the chain reaction from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that we are going to face. Get the first hand information from three major bank professionals – What is bank thinking?

Date: ‪Thursday 6/4/2020‬
Time: ‪3:00 – 4:00pm Pacific time‬ (US and Canada) Check in: ‪2:50pm‬

Event Organizer: Kenneth Chen, TACCLA President

Meeting Director: Lisa Liu, TACCLA Vice President and Secretary General

Host: Kevin Yeh, CPA, TACCLA Vice President


1. Alan Thian: Royal Business Bank, TACCLA Honorary President

2. Shu-Yuan Lai, Cathay Bank, TACCLA Board of Director

3. Susan Yang: East West Bank, TACCLA Board of Director

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