This is the final episode of the Lean Arms Challenge! This workout
will really work those arms of yours and it’s all standing exercises and low impact so it’s great for those who don’t want a high intensity workout but still want to feel that burn.

Enjoy the workout guys!

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41 thoughts on “10 Mins Toned Arms Workout | No Equipment”

  1. How to make this harder: Do it standing on one leg, alternating legs. Or use very light hand weights. That takes a while. Chloe's workouts are hard!

  2. I've been doing this workout for a week now with some other HIIT workout
    I'll be starting with my week i promise that I'll update you guys with my results 🙂
    My arms are 9.5 inches right now
    Keep reminding me Thankyou!

  3. I have been doing this exercise for like three weeks and my upper arm went from 29cm to now 25cm. I will keep doing it, until it lil bit matches with my lower arm.

  4. teehee I tried

    DAY 1- DONE hehe I thought it would be so easy that I didn't even have to try 👁️👄👁️ I WAS WRONG!! um, it burns but I went and checked in the mirror it looks a bit thinner I'm kidding its still the same chubby arm.

    DAY 2- DONE omg I am dying right now!!! this is soooo painful I really hope this will get easy. I also hope its worth it cause damn this is sore.
    DAY 3
    DAY 4
    DAY 5
    DAY 6
    DAY 7
    DAY 8
    DAY 9
    DAY 10
    DAY 11
    DAY 12
    DAY 13
    DAY 14

    um hehhe can y'all like plz remind me cause I'm dumb heheh

  5. can we just appreciate that we are getting all those amazing and great workouts for FREE??? Like, I mean, I feel soo motivated to do those workouts, so, thank you very much Chloe for your work!!!!!

  6. A round of applause with what arms you have left for the people who still hit the like button and didn’t miss after this video 😂😂

  7. I got to the final 80 seconds of arm circles and my shoulder(which was injured in December last) screamed, "if you keep doing this you're going to reinjure yourself!!" so I modified it and carried on. This is only the second time I have done this workout, but I am hopeful that it is one I can do twice a week until it's time to change up activities to keep my muscles entertained. Thank you for giving us so many choices, Chloe. Your videos are helping me to reach my wellness goals.

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  11. Friends l just looked comments for checking the results but nobody said how much reduced their arm fat but l will sincerely update…. Let's hope for the best

  12. Hello friends l am very excited to do this workout from today evening itself I don't know how effective is this I am from Kerala let's see what result is happening in me my right hand and left hand measurements will update on evening..

  13. I'm actually doing to do this for two weeks! (Sorry if I am slow on updates, school will start for me during these two weeks. I live in Cananda. )
    Day 1 : Done! ✔ Not as bad as I thought. I hope I will adjust to the arm circles in future.
    Day 2 : DONE! ✔
    Day 3 :
    Day 4 :
    Day 5 :
    Day 6 :
    Day 7 :
    Day 8 :
    Day 9 :
    Day 10 :
    Day 11 :
    Day 12 :
    Day 13 :
    Day 14 :

  14. I'm a big girl and have done this arm workout for almost two weeks, and I'm so happy I barely have to take breaks now compared to the start. ^^

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