A mix of simulation, colony management, and strategy, this isn’t just city-building games or RTS. Welcome to 10 upcoming PC base-building games in 2019 and 2020. Now, this is a genre that lands in that middle ground that appeals to a more specific group of strategy/sim gamers, though as with any genre today, there are grey areas and crossovers. This video is also in collaboration with ClemmyGames! Check out the next 10 games on his channel:


What do you love most about base-building video games?

00:00 Intro

►UPCOMING #PC Base-building #GAMES for 2019 & 2020◄
1. Trollskog – Andreas Carlson (1:18)

2. Make Your Kingdom – yo_serjio (2:01)

3. Stronghold: Warlords – FireFly Studios (2:22)

4. Hammerting – Warpzone Studios (3:09)

5. The Settlers – Blue Byte (4:02)

6. Autonauts – Denki (4:51)

7. Airborne Kingdom – The Wandering Band (5:29)

8. Starport Delta – Cloudfire Studios (6:06)

9. Evil Genius 2: World Domination – Rebellion (6:41)

10. The Riftbreaker – EXOR Studios (7:25)

Knights Province (8:12)

8:45 Conclusion


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23 thoughts on “10 Upcoming PC Base-building Games in 2019 & 2020 ► Strategy Builder Simulation Management Gaming!”

  1. Bonus game! Spacebase Startopia was just announced! The counterpart to this video is on ClemmyGames' channel, check it here: https://youtu.be/9XnjBL7PmKA
    He approached me on twitter with the idea and I thought it'd be a nice change of pace as well as a good warm-up for the main 6 list videos that I'm working on right now for later this year. These list videos are a MASSIVE part of keeping this channel afloat, so if you could support this one or the others in any way by watching, liking, and/or sharing them I would be super duper grateful. Here's the full playlist for all the list videos going back to 2014: https://www.gamerzakh.com/lists
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  2. No offense but it's painful trying to understand what this other guy is saying. Elocution lessons go a long way.

  3. As a Singaporean, the responses to this video are exactly why I do not like to speak to my caucasian colleagues. I know they're silently judging me.

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