These are 20 turn based strategy games for 2017 and upcoming 2018.


00:05 Genesia Legacy Ultimate Domain
01:20 Longsword Tabletop Tactics
02:27 Iron Tides
03:33 Space Tyrant
04:45 Codex of Victory
05:46 Xenonauts 2
07:08 Forged of blood
08:13 The Feud Wild West Tactics
09:07 Expedition Vikings
10:32 Children of Zodiarcs
11:53 Acaratus
13:08 Shardbound
13:50 Wartile
15:01 Divinity Original Sin 2
16:15 Atom RPG
16:54 Lost Sector Online Europe
18:14 Phoenix Point
19:15 XCom 2 War of the Chosen
20:17 Warhammer 40K Sanctus Reach Legacy of the Weirdboy
21:22 Battletech


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26 thoughts on “20 New TURN BASED STRATEGY Games 2017 / 2018”

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  2. I'm currently looking for a game I'm not sure exists.
    I thought it was Phantom Doctrine, but everytime I look it doesn't have this one screenshot in my mind, with alternative stats like 'Imagination', 'Creativity', and more esoteric terms I wouldn't expect in a game.
    I'm posting this to other videos and searching till I find it, if you have any information pls let me know.

  3. this is the genre of gaming that hard for me to understand the excitement of playing it. Not to be rude but maybe only for me.

  4. Ksenonauts 2, Atom, Lost Sector and XCOM – this is still possible to play.
    The rest – very much simplified Civilization clones.

  5. Hate this kinda video, feel like i just watch top 20 trailer video… a good list video is not too long…

  6. Keep waiting on a really good TB Western game, that has as much, if not more variety than XCOM, or the UFO series did. 👍💪🙏🎖️

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