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28 thoughts on “200614 TAEKOOK IN BANG BANG CON (VKOOK/KOOKV)”

  1. Bighit u really need to give us a taekook sub unit i dnt know y u guys r running away ..u guys also know that taekook is the best thing to achieve everything ..money ..fandom..people…love…etc etc…nd our taekook heart also get some moment ..

    Win win game ..🤘💜😂

  2. I came back here lol to say something i feel so bad about jungkook and mad at tae because in bon voyage taekook had an arguement about a letter i think the vmin letter and jk didnt sleep and sang nothing like us by his room i feel bad

  3. I watch all these 7 year festa …bangbangcon…come on it was not like how you are showing…I never felt that while watching

  4. Привет всем?Это бабушка-фанатка.Эти мальчики ровесники моих внуков и я их просто обожаю., особенно Чонгкука.Уже высказывала предложение перестать изображать его в виде зайчика,он давно снежный Барс..
    И хочу высказать море комплиментов продюсерам проекта и всей команде.Режиссеры, звукооператоры, хореографы,педагоги.Блистательная работа.И,что самое главное…мальчики не борзеют,не превращаются в избалованных "звёзд".Остаются воспитанными,простыми пацанами при такой сумасшедшей популярности.Всем СПАСИБО и БРАВО!

  5. Taekook singing together is the best thing to see, like literally. I honestly can't stop smiling in love whenever I see them together in the videos.
    Wish I could tell them how they've been a source of happiness for me and help me hold on to life. They make me happy like no one can. ❤️

  6. The way they match there clothes it show how much they want too show us that they love each other but can't open about it my poor babies..

  7. JK is so into Taehyung the way he looks at him, smiles at him, every gesture of JK screams that he loves Tae and love is mutual

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