In this lesson, we’re going to talk about 4 steps to improve your motivation to study English. You’re going to hear some tips for how to manage your motivation and get better results from your English studies. How do you manage your motivation when studying English? Let us know in the comments!
Do you find it difficult to stay motivated to study English? How can you deal with feelings of low motivation? You’re not alone, and there are some specific and practical steps you can take to boost your motivation and make faster progress in English.

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1. Three Important Ideas About Motivation 0:40
2. Set SMART Goals 2:39
3. Change Your Environment 5:13
4. Setting a Motivation Budget 13:57

This lesson will help you to:
– Improve the way you think about studying English.
– Understand what you can do to improve your motivation to study English by thinking about your current life situation.
– See what SMART goals are and how they can improve your motivation to study English.
– Get examples of ways you can change your environment to improve your motivation and help you have more English success where you are now.
– Learn what a ‘motivation budget’ is and how you can set a good one for yourself to quickly improve your motivation to study English and reach English success.

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