5 Tips That Will Help You Climb With Karma ! League of Legends Karma Guide All feedback and Critique is Welcomed!
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17 thoughts on “5 TIPS EVER KARMA PLAYER MUST KNOW! League of Legends Guide 2018 Patch 8.16”

  1. Karma does scale extremely well. I don't know why people think she doesn't, her hyper-late damage and mobility are insane. (Coming from ~2.5m karma mastery points)

    Also, Zhonyas is an excellent item on her and I didn't hear you mention it.

  2. if you have for example 4 autottack reliant champs is frozen heart as item nr 3 a good choice or is it not good enough for itemslot 3 and other items would be still better?

  3. i enjoy full ms karma, and i don't like to die, with deadman's plate you can take a good amount of damage while waiting for that w root, and it helps get you to a team fight real quick if you're at base or somewhere off in the distance.

  4. You’re quite attractive 🙈💕. On a different note though, I love the love you give to Karma :’)! She’s on of my favorite champions both gameplay wise and lore wise, hehe.

  5. Don't forget about mana management. Its easy to get carried away bursting people early. Even though getting that poke off is important, you should always be cautious of ganks. Especially since karma seeks to push in lanes all day, you actually want to attract enemy junglers down your lane. Karma can escape ganks very easily so keep that mantra E up to get you and you adc the hell out of there if it's necessary. Use your W on divers like lee sin and Warwick. She is also really good at turning fights around since most people don't anticipate or respect her damage. When you get pressured bot lane; and you will, do your best to bait anyone greedy enough to come at you or your adc under tower.1 tether or perfectly timed exhaust can change a bad situation in your favor. Play around your summoners as well as your opponent. These are all high risk high reward tips but I think anyone trying master her should know these things and abuse them.

    Now get the fuck out of the comment section and play ranked.

  6. Finally she got some love, lonely Karma. (Cheers)
    The item Zeke is really interesting but I only had once and no one took it on other sup. I wonder how effective it is. Last point is really good.
    Since patch 7, Riot labeled her from sup to mage. U can find that the starter of suggested builds is dorans ring, before it's spellthief. She is in a really embarrassing position that Riot considered her to be a mage but people picked her as sup so they didnt overbuff her.

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