You got a test that you need to skip because you were cramming and then you forgot about it, or you just don’t want to go to school for no good reason? Here are some wanky things to try on your extremely gullible mom

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28 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Home from School”

  1. Nice, what a quuen (the mum)! However you forgot one thing — DIARRHOEA! I know how to arrage that. *Actually in real life I have NO CHOICE but to live with diarrhoea, I have Crohn's disease, It is one of 2 IBD disorders, the other being ulcerative colitis. Look up inflammatory bowel disease on Wikipedia.

  2. Him: I do not want to go to school here are some tricks that you can use!
    Me: the good old deadly virus trick always works MYHAHAH

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