If in person meetings were like conference calls.

A VIDEO Conference Call in Real Life:
Air Travel in Real Life:

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Created by Tripp and Tyler
Produced by Green Tricycle Studios

Tripp Crosby
Beth PIlgreen
Tyler Stanton
Jon Raffa
Paul Ryden
David Robertson

Written by Tyler Stanton, Tripp Crosby
Directed by Tripp Crosby
Camera: David Robertson
Sound: Sam White
Editor: Sam White
Color Correction: David Robertson
Sound Mix: David Robertson

Nguồn: https://maturegamerpodcast.com/

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26 thoughts on “A Conference Call in Real Life”

  1. Showed my Dad who has to work from home due to the virus. He said every single thing has happened in the past week.

  2. You forgot the logout sound constantly going off as the last person is trying to finish speaking, because everyone is hanging up all at once.

  3. It's amazing with Video Conferencing – Teams/Google/Zoom/Webex, how much is still relevant after 6 years!

  4. I caption in real time for these types of calls (and any other types of phone calls) for the hearing impaired/hard of hearing, and it's really difficult when the voices keep changing so abruptly, People talking over each other. Interference in background broken voices. 😂😂😂😂 But I seem to get through them. Spot on.
    Thanks for sharing. Too funny.

  5. Does anybody know where to find Tripp and Tyler's business jargon video, including "it's the Uber of taxis" . Please provide the link.

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