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AVP: Evolution is an action game. It is developed under the banner of Fox Digital Entertainment inc. in this game you will see that on a distant planet there is a blood feud between two clans the Predators. This feud leads to a final attempt to eradicate the Jungle Hunter Clan. The Super Predators secure the capabilities of the Aliens. As an alien, you will have to destroy the Super Predator clan in order to get freedom from Slavery. And if you play as a Super Predator then you have to kill the Alien queen so that it prevents the Super Predators from Extinction.

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43 thoughts on “Alien Vs Predator: Evolution – Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary)”

  1. Plz send me link or something because I really want to download this game or the predators mobile game from 2010

  2. It's an amazing game, too bad it was removed from the Apple Store/Play store F Thanks for the help, in the part of the ship I got stuck

  3. I was looking threw my purchased history on the App Store and this game popped up and I was able to re-download and play this game.

  4. i was confused i thought red head aliens were owned by super preds so in the late game why did red head aliens atack berserker the berserker fought celtic looking youngblood. I so counfused!!!!!!

  5. One day I tried to play this game but it won’t work because I needed to update the game but when I press the game to update is said can not download and then I checked the store for games and AVP evolution is not there.so AVP evolution is now a dead game and no one can play it. Rip xenon and predators

  6. Класс обожаю вселенноую хищника и чужова надеюсь будут ещё видео по этой вселенной а тоа круто 👍

  7. Can you Five bux on Jurassic world the Game pleas,wiht DNS and Can you friending me on jurassic world the game?

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