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45 thoughts on “Aliens Vs Predator Extinction Alien Campaign 1”

  1. This looks kind of terrible, but I LOVE the general concept. They really need to remake this with modern graphics/controls/UI.

  2. this game needs to be on unreal engine 5 and for all consoles including pc… this would sell billions if they put this on unreal engine 5

  3. First I hated this game since it was the first overhead game I played but the more i played and fiddled with it the more I loved this game.

  4. Very interesting game. Wish they'd gone for a mouse pointer like in C&C.

    I tried playing this by binding my mouse in pcsx2 but trying to scroll around or selecting unit was a nightmare.

    That whole thing you gotta hold down a key to enlarge the selection circle. I wish they'd gone for classic rts controls. Its a cool game still!

  5. Hi I’m new, but are you able to play this through the Xbox 360? I played learned you can play some Xbox original games through the 360 and was curious if this game can be played on it. I’m thinking about getting this game, it looks very interesting even if it’s an old title.

  6. If go logically, this hive can make Praetorian already, because this is dome kind of evolution of procreation xenomorph. Its much effective but expensive. Damn, just imagine praetorian from animal or jautja. Xenomorps become unstoppable force with so much variation of spieces.

  7. F*ck films. This game open much more information and entertainment for me. Intresting idea of avp in rts. To sad, no one cane make another one. But, who knows.

  8. I remember that game. I guess in 2003. I earned about 250 Euros while in the army in Austria, and i guess i played about 70 Euros back then 🙂 .i really loved it

  9. What i love about this game is the ability to play entire characters and factions of the aliens and predator universe .

  10. Is time to request a junt of firms for remake mi inglish is not good a iam a spanish/es hora de una junta de firmas para hacer un rrmake de este juego

  11. I remeber whe nme and my brother used to play this game
    never got past mission 3 lol but I had a lot of fun

  12. Will anyone know if the original Xbox game is compatible with Xbox 360?

    I have that big question, regards

  13. Playing as the aliens was very satisfying, the slow buildup into becoming an overwhelming horde was awesome.

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