I watched #ALIVE and it was really an experience. Here is my review!





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35 thoughts on “#ALIVE – Better than Train to Busan 2”

  1. What I dont like about this movie is that it didn’t show how the infection was made where did it start that’s what I don’t like about the movie

  2. #Alive is Bad cause the Zombies are not attacking straight away and won climbed up a road Train to Busan 2 and 1 Are the best Movies EVER

  3. Ok the movie was good but the main character is really stupid like he finished a whole refrigerator and maybe a pantry in 2 days and ate his last meal when he saw a commercial on tv he could’ve rationed but no he was stupid that’s like my only main gripe about the movie though it was good

  4. When I saw the title of the video I for some reason said our loud “how dare they say that I mean it’s true but how dare they!”

  5. Still waiting for a zombie movie where being a zombie isn’t permanent. There’s been Maggie where they show the transition being really slow, more like a regular disease, there’s been The Cured looking at the paychological impact of being cured and remembering all the things you did as a zombie, but there’s never been one where the virus isn’t permanent. That would be so much more devastating, your loved ones get infected and you know they will turn normal in a couple of hours or days, but right now they are trying to kill you. And once they turn back to normal you don’t know when they are going to turn zombie again, so they are still there and you will do everything to protect them, but the majority of the time they are trying to kill you and you just live to be with them for those few moments where they become normal again. Kind of like an extreme version of demensia.

    Could be cool to have the story take place in the head of someone taking care of someone they love who sufferd from demensia, like two parallel stories, one in ”zombie land” where the main character scavenges for food to survive and drags along their zombie loved one and one in ”real life” where the main character scavenges for reasons to go on when their loved one slips away.

  6. Yep that's a true introvert. Fuck the support character. He doesn't need another to get motivated to live after losing my his family. Being alone should be a goal.
    Lol, love it.

  7. Train to Busan: Fast but stupid zombies over run South Korea
    Alive: Fast but smart zombies gets overrun

    On the other hand, its nice to see zombie movies dont end in full swing apocalypse

  8. Train to busan peninsula ruined the original movie it wasn’t even about the same characters in the movie so I’d considered it a worst remake than a sequal

  9. How could u 🤬🤬🤬🤬I loved peninsula and u have ruined my day even more your just like that fucking music lesson I hate so much😖😖😖😖😖

  10. Alteorie the helicopter was lower because he is on a lower floor then the roof like a sane person what is everyone going to chill on the roof and not there apartment with food and water?

  11. The third survivor is from my favorite drama series in recent times "Strangers", or in Korea we call it "Secret Forest".

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