America’s Army 10 year anniversary video highlighting many of the special moments from 2002 through 2012


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45 thoughts on “Americas Army: 2002 – 2012”

  1. spent hours every night for years….I was in a clan call (Compound)….I also reach level 100. Should have sold my account back

  2. Last time i played was 2007. Started 2002. From Pipeline to my fav maps Sandstorm, Urban Assault, Hospital…. the memories.

  3. I remember it fondly. It WAS the greatest game of its time. I loved it. But then they mismanaged it, politics behind the scene and f-n it up totally with the firing of the Devs and then they brought the development inhose with incompetent programmers and features no-one asked for. It was unplayable for weeks. And most people felt betrayed with what they slowly rolled out. They killed off their entire player base with 3.0. From being THE game online to something we just remember fondly -that takes Major incompetence and General stupidity to pull off…

  4. was so brilliant… so good …enjoyed every single sec ,, ty all for this amazing game. i still think is the best on line game to play. i mean … i would..

  5. "Enemy spotted!" Psycho-n00b aka $-FuGaZi-$ reporting in Sir! Played it with my brother El_N00biachi in 2002 till 2006. Started at Bridge Crossing then switched over to Mountain Pass. Mountain Ambush was my second map. Got over 2k hours longest session was 11 hours lol.
    Love the clans back then: MPSquad, Agents Ops, Hoba's, MDS etc etc. Good times never coming back……take care guys and girls. "Frag out!"

  6. Tm4 dominated hospital! Was always great to fire up AA and kick some ass with Tm4_Warpig, Tm4_Sasqatch, and the rest of the boys. Made some good friends playing AA and miss it big time. Tm4_Smittyo

  7. Shame that game stopped being what it once was. Army Simulator where one could actually could go through at least some of the training.

  8. I wish they had this out again

    Bridge crossing
    Weapons cache
    Mt mckenna
    Urban assault
    Collapsed tunnel
    Sf Hospital
    Farm raid
    Insurgent Camp

    it's all they needed

    I would defiantly play this again if I knew the old AA was back and I think alot of other would too

  9. for all who would like to play it again. there is a channel that has recently played. apparently the game is still running. the channel is called HoFPG

  10. AA2 was my childhood. The nostalgia is unreal. Why oh why did they decide to kill AA2 servers, i will never know. AA2 was the best, it had so many players. But then they just killed the franchise by cutting the servers and AA3 was a total flop. AA:PG is not even close to a proper AA game and the playerbase is tiny. Shame on you U.S Army

  11. To the constant hour long matches on bridge and bridge SE

    To the constant cheat servers and random weapon mod servers.

    To the constant sf hospital spam to farm honor.

    To all those who were required to do MILES training before going into live fire matches.

    To those who finally best SF E&E training after hours of attempts.

    We salute you.

  12. As a former Soldier and paratrooper, this games was my favorite of all time. Having to qualify on the range and going to Airborne school were aspects of the game that were just priceless. Jumping into the match was was so cool. They could have kept the game the same for years and I would have never stopped playing it.

  13. Vid needs love for SF Sandstorm, my fav map. What a great time to play games the 2000's were, imo games were much better then. Last time i played AA was 2007, kinda barely played it then, 2002-2005 i really burned AA up. Moved on to PS3/360 and found Killzone 2, another beast game. Games to remember forever.

  14. I enjoyed the 1st few versions of the game when it started. Unfortunately after that many hacks or cracks to the gaming code left for fast running or flying soldiers. Then it became just something to play for a big laugh.

  15. Loved AA Bridge crossing recon SF blizzard hospital etc. I was a VENT RAT on Pipeline 😉 AA 2.6 AWESOME… Go back to that and update the Graphics i will be back…………….

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