Armor Clash gameplay pc, a real time strategy video game developed by one man.

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It is an RTS game on modern warfare, with fast paced battle, base building, unit customize etc. It is made by one man, who has loved RTS games for 20 years.


Traditional RTS game play
Realistic vehicle physics effect
Army customization
Local network multiplayer
Neutral forces and experience system
There are both PC and Mac version available, linux version will be available soon.
Using the latest technologies of Unity engine.

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11 thoughts on “Armor Clash – One Man's Real Time Strategy Game”

  1. You talking game have every expectations but you are on WROOOOOONG one biger WROOOOOOOOOOONG Becouse Dont have Transport Chopper its USA versus USA where is the Airfield? About Act of Agression is worst game like these you shareing your stubed gameplay 19 worst minutes of boring

  2. hi, I am Windforce, the game creator, thanks for your VOD, it may help to let more people know the game.

    After watching the video, I have some tips and ideals:

    1. Shortcasts of active abilities let bombard is on the right of the screen, left click it and click the target point it will be called.
    2. By now there are 2 kind of mercenary camp, the low level one is guarded by pickups and medium level one is guarded by tank, that is why you get bonus resource and units from them. There will be the third type camp in the future, the highest one in future, which will give a super weapon.
    3. When you are at the main menu, you can get into Armory to pick your own troop. There are more type of tanks, helicopters, artillery there.

    1. Classic RTS camera should be implemented, I found that not all players get used to the free camera, I will give them the classic fixed camera for option.
    2. UI is still have problem.

    There will be 2 big upgrades on the end of this mouth and a week before Christmas, more units, maps and improvements will be there:)


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