Never had a boyfriend? Want to be popular and make friends? Can’t get over an ex or breakup? The key: CONFIDENCE! Here’s how to boost your self esteem!

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29 thoughts on “Ask Shallon: How To Build Confidence & Self Esteem”

  1. Thank you so much Shallon. You really are changing girls lives. You should have millions of subs. You're gonna blow up ♡

  2. There's a club at my school that is specifically just for community service. They volunteer at soup kitchens, the rake leaves at the Senior center, things like that. I just joined that club the other day after watching this video and I'm doing my first volunteering Sunday. Thank you Shallon!

  3. You're really such an interesting person. I feel like you'd be an awesome person to have around, so your commercial works! I'm going to send this to my friend.

  4. can u be my sister????I love your advices and all of them have worked for me so for me it was a bless to find u on youtube.You are so relatable girl ,love u so much <3

  5. It's karolena. How even get past things, and try and build something great for yourself when everything you love and need is falling apart. You responded to another YouTube comment of mine but I just don't know what to do anymore. My parents don't like me reaching out for therapy at school my friends don't like talking to me because last year I used to all the time and they said it was stressing. I had to see a crisis counselor. And my parents didn't know. My therapist at school called then which made them angry. Saying hey your daughter has a lot going on and we are concerned about her mental health. I just need someone to be there for me. Your videos have lifted me. Helped me. I was so happy when you replied. I mean I listen all the time. Thank you. Just not feeling it. Not a crazy fan. Just needed some help and for someone to say hey I care about you and I'm here for you. Love you Shallon.

  6. So much has happened and I'm a good person. I'm trusting of my parents. I get great grades. As a freshman, I don't expect so much to happen to me. I don't know what to do. I mean my nana and grandpa helped me when I was a little kid. Took care of me. And now their gone and no one is there to say "hey, I love you, and I am here for you to listen." No one. Not my friends because nana died last year in 8th grade and I was so upset. I took it out on my friends, was in a bad place, very bad. Then they went to a teacher and I had to talk to a crisis counselor. Let me say my parents did not know. Because they never approve of counseling or therapy. They say "stop acting like your sad and depressed your trying to make people feel bad for you". And attention. Like my nana barely passed, my dad is a drunk, an my stepmom is so rude to me. Like my mom and me don't get a long she's on drugs and selling. They never know what's been happening. They never know what's actually going on.

  7. Thank you for sharing this video, yah you're right I need to find my passion. Is not really my looks are my problem, I really lack of confident and self-esteem and I really need to boost it. I hope, I can really do it. Thank you, your video is really helpful. Xoxo

  8. This is excellent, very intelligent advice, it recently helped me get through a crisis, thank you very much & hi from Germany!

  9. This helped me so much. I was having so much trouble with my self esteem and confidence, but this really made me get back on the right track. Thanks. <3

  10. I love you and your videos!! If only you were at my  future school,,, You are an awesome role model girl!! I love you!!! please keep making videos!!

  11. indoor sky-diving might be fun and it would boost my confidence because its a rush :3 and im confident when it comes to talking to my friends crushes

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