Did you have a few great dates with a guy who said he liked you and talked about the future? Did a guy ghost out for no apparent reason? I’ll tell you why guys disappear after a few dates and how to can prevent it from happening! There could be a few reasons why he stopped dating you … (see below)

– You overestimated his interest in you.
– He is a clinical narcissist!
– He doesn’t actually want to be a ‘boyfriend’, but more like a good first and second date
– He underestimated your interest in him

Ladies, let’s avoid this by taking it slowly and with a grain of salt. Not all of us are gullible, but may just need time to analyze any red flags.

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35 thoughts on “Ask Shallon: Why Boys Disappear After A Few Dates | Why Guys Ghost”

  1. Yasss Shallon…! "If this MF over there can ghost you, he can send a text!" Love it! Everyone needs a little Shallon in their life, my new spirit animal ❤

  2. my experience hurt so much because I never saw it coming I never saw any red flags then from nowhere I got ghosted I cry every night when I think of him

  3. Lol if Barack Obama is you're sign of a successful male relationship with a woman, then I pitty you. This woman doesn't know what she blabbing about. Simple ladies, how about you shoot us a text or a phone call on the 3 or 4th date. Instead of us carrying all the calls and dates for you. Stop being lazy and show us some sign of interest. Otherwise I'll assume you aren't interested and that kills us off. Cause we don't know if we should invest in a date dinner or not. You got to also try in your rescue.

  4. Son buttered me up but he left me hanging foh weeks after and I was gonna text again but that's lame cuz he posting and following other people sooo it's his lost 🤙🏽

  5. Hes been pursuing me since january and when i gave in he acts good for 2 dates then a complete fucking jerk why!! I just called him out on ghosting after our 4th date and he said hes been clear about not being emotionally ready from the start, which he said, but it didnt stop him from flirting and sexting so i thought hes slowly becoming ready ?! Cuz then why would he do this if doesnt feel anything ?! He said am right that he feels nuthin and hes scared so i said bye. Brain fucked

  6. This happened to me and I was so confused. We went on three actual dates (restaurants) and I though that they all went great and that we had so much in common. But then he started to completely ignore me immediately after the third date and did not send a single text. We had been messaging almost every day for two or three weeks. So I made the move and sent a few texts to which he responded to with single words like "great" or "cool". I appreciate that he at least replied but then he completely ignored me and I had no idea what I did wrong. I think maybe he was looking for a hook up and I don't put out easily (I'm really shy and inexperienced with guys), and once he realized that he moved on because he was only dating me to hook up. Do you think that this is what happened? I was so sad because I really though that he wanted to get to know me and I definitely saw the potential for a meaningful relationship…

  7. He was so interested in me. Initiating the hangouts He asked when we would tell our parents, and he even said how much he liked me etc.. And then just disappeared after the third date and gradually stopped texting. It's July and I haven't seen him since April, haven't talked in two months.

  8. 💯Agree everyone makes time for who they want to make time for and text/call talk with who they want to ..Don't believe the "I'm busy…" BS🙅🏼

  9. can you please make a video about how to deal with judgmental adults? and the transition from being a quiet shy kid to a confident outgoing adult? Thank you!

  10. Before I even watch this video can I just say thank you! Every single one of your videos has a different topic that could potentially change someone's way of thinking and their lives. I'm the advice giver in my group of friends, the friend that everyone goes to, but I've never had anyone in my life who can give advice like I do, and I really feel like you are a substitute for that. You say things exactly how they are and how they should be said, straight to the point and everyone can learn something from every one of your videos. Never change!

  11. This guy from Russia – he was perfect (or pretended to be at least) – sought me out online and was an amazing chat. Cute, creative and interesting. We went on a couple dates and felt completely into me, making plans for the future, telling me he loved me after the first date (! / yes, I know what you're thinking) and talking to me every day. After a month, he goes cold, finally replies after a week saying he is so busy. Leads me on for a couple more months, bails on plans to hang out when I have to take time out of work to do so. Turned out he had another boyfriend that he started seeing around the time he was with me too. I have never felt so down and sad about a relationship, because he pretended to be everything that I ever wanted. Though I know it's a lie, and that he's an awful mentally ill person, I still wish that I was in another reality, and that we could be as happy as we were that first month. 18 year olds are terribly immature. 🙁

  12. shallon please help me ! I love this guy and we used to love each other but things changed . then he went to another country and now we start talking but he is going to slow and I want to facetime him but I dont know how to tell him . what can i do ?

  13. Hey Shallon I have a question and I hope you respond I have this guy friend and we had a lot of interests we talk a lot and became really good friends one day my group started this shipping name and spread it all over I was annoyed and now he thinks i have a crush on him he has been avoiding me and stopped talking to me I just wanted to be friends everytime I try to small talk he avoids me and I felt sad and asked myself what did I do wrong I just wanted to have a friend 🙁
    please respond I wanna know what to do

  14. Shallon you got so real! Love it. Well my problem is that I meet someone on tinder and we hit it off. We are in college so we are less than 3 miles away. Then when we decided to meet and tried make plans but he said basically flake out.Then he messages me that he was nervous about me meeting me and he is really shy. My response was -.- was like really. That is completely B.S. He convinced me to give him a second chance but I am not sure if he is using me to boost his self-esteem(as you said in previous videos) or he really is shy. I have not meet him yet but I really want too since I have nothing to lose. Although, I am not sure how I feel about the situation anymore because honestly I don't really want a relationship but I also don't just want to be one random hook up.So should I just ask him for coffee all ready or just give him my number. -Busy college girl.

  15. Hey Shallon, this is totally random and I know you haven't ever done anything really like it but I just had my first ever job interview… And I was wondering if you had any tips on that subject? I'm not so sure I got the job, so maybe like interveiw tips and things like that. Thank you so much for these videos!

  16. hey, this really has nothing to do with video.. but. So bf and i have been dating for year and a half. in college now. He made dinner for vday and gave me promise ring and a bear and had candles. It was super romantic. So he does plan events, even tho we are poor college students haha. Question is today he said "do you want to come over and hang out friday". We dont have our own places just dorms so we sometimes go home to parents house  to get away and his parents are always gone and so are mine since they are empty nesters. is it a dumb idea to accept his "just hang out" i usually do but I didnt know if that makes me look like i have no life.  Just want advice on whether after dating this long is it bad to accept just hang out dates or just not do all the time..?? thoughts? thank you! love your channel!

  17. Hi Shallon,
    Im starting to like a boy who sits on my table in one of my lessons. But that is the only time I see him. How do I start conversations with him? and get to know him better?

  18. Hi shallon I really like this guy and I have done for about a year but he has a girlfriend, we spoke for about 2 months around this time last year and we went out for like 3 days then he ended by saying he loved me as a friend but not in that way anymore, I still have feelings for him and we're still friends but I feel as if I can't speak to him the same anymore, I honestly don't know what to do, I've been with 2 guys after him but it didn't work out because I genuinely didn't like any of them as much as I like him, Any advice?

  19. Shallon, 
    I have a bad habit where I'll crush on a guy, start talking to him, kinda become friends, and then not know if he is just being nice or actually likes me. How do you distinguish a guy liking you or just being nice? Please help

  20. I wanna kno one thing. Y r men such neanderthals,like this guy I like he would always poke my sides, grabs my ass,and sometimes grab my boobs and make them jiggle. Wat should do,because I tried telling him that it bothers me,but he doesn't listen.

  21. Hey beautiful shallon.. I have a question for u and i hope u answer it!!
    I just met that guy few weeks ago! He seems to be like me and i really do like him and want him we just talk in general stuff when we meet.. And one day His friend told me that he got a big crush on u and i said oh good to know he said but he is way too shy so should he asks u out i said i guess ;))
    A day later i texted him!! And i don't know he is being an asshole he responds to me after a day or two and say sorry im awful with keep my phone around and sometimes i forget to answer the msgs which is bulshit to me!! I don't know if he is into me or no now and what should i do btw i just texted him two times.. And the second time is to say sorry bcuz he sent me his no. On fb but I didn't see it till 2 weeks later!! He replied after two days and he never texted me after that :(( so should i l up on him or what?!!

  22. Hey shallon Im like crazy, i need your help.To start i want to say that i have a crush on my best friend, like a BIG crush. Last year in may i kissed my best friend, so it was like akwardd so we stopped talking for a while. In that while i became friend of a friend of his((lets call him friend number2))), so when we talked again i was friend of both (i never really talked about the kiss with my best friend). Like a month ago i kissed friend number 2, (we were both drunk and we regret it), and like 5 days after the kiss with friend nº2 my best friend tried to kiss me, and i said no (because we are friends) so he insisted anddd as i really cant say no to him i kissed him, but a small kiss, nothing too big, so we both said that  we would leave it there, let no one know. A week ago we had a serious talk about our kisses(with my best friend), and that they wouldnt happen again, and he asked me if i had a crush on friend nº2.. I obvously said no as i like HIM, (he doesnt know i like him). AND yeserday at a party, we were both drunk and we kissed again, like we were talking and then kissing, like a real real kiss, i tried to stop him because that wasnt right, we are friends and we already talked about this like a week ago, and he was all like never mind, and we kissed for a while, when we decided AGAIN to leave it there. What upsets me is that after that kiss he kissed some other girl, like i mean nothing, and i know that we are "just friends" but it pissed me off a little. So now i am all worried, wondering about what i should do, should i act like nothing happened? (friend nº2 doesnt know about the last 2 kisses with my best friend) PLEASE HELP?

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