One of my fav games and sci-fi series Alens vs Predators was on sales in the Steam holiday Christmas sale….so I decided what the hell Let’s play some AVP, enjoy!

Steam sale AVP:

Live Stream:



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32 thoughts on “AVP Predator Gameplay mission #1 Jungle”

  1. this is the first scary game i played as a kid, it scared the crap out of me, i asked my big sister to help me.

  2. Predators are assassins with the best bomb thingy and the aliens are just lame all they do is lay eggs in humans so the can rule the world with alien baby’s but predators have so much weapons and the bomb thingy on his arm

  3. I wonder why clipso stoped making videos he was doing good with likes and subscribers I just don't understand why please come back clipso 😎💗💖👽😹😸🤖

  4. Ahh the good old days of let’s plays playing whatever the hell you want and enjoying it but now it’s just fortnite clickbait

  5. I was playing AVP while watching and i assassinated at the same time he did on the same person and it was the same assassination.

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