Design drawing of mechine product auto
Thiet ke ban ve san pham tu dong
Creat video for advertsement of machine,product.
Tao video quang cao san pham may moc,co khi.
Caculate,design,simulate stress,displacement,safety factor,optimal;compute fatigue (%damage,life) of machine,construction.
Tinh toan,thiet ke,mo phong ung suat,chuyen vi,he so an toan,toi uu;tinh toan do moi(%hu hong,tuoi tho) cua may moc,ket cau.
Simulation impact real of machine
Mo phong tuong tac that cua may moc
Teach draw engineering on computer.
Day ve ky thuat tren may vi tinh

Mobile,google search:01698287525(viet nam)

Truong dai hoc su pham ky thuat tp.hcm
co tin ky thuat(infomechanics)
Co hoc ung dung(search google)
co ky thuat
cad/cam/cae(computer aided engineering)

Chuyen vi la tu diem truoc toi diem hien tai.
Toa do la vi tri cua diem hien tai so voi diem ma ta chon lam goc.
Ung suat la luc tren 1 don vi dien tich,sinh ra khi ta tac dung luc len 1 vat.
Tac dung luc co nghia la hai hay nhieu vat,nguoi va cham vao nhau.
Vung mau do trong truong phan bo he so an toan la noi vat lieu khong dam bao,can tang do day,hoac doi vat lieu khac.
Tan so tu nhien cua may cho phep ban tranh phan ung qua muc do su cong huong.
Cong huong la hai vat tac dung luc cung huong,cung tan so.
Calculating natural frequencies of the model allows you to avoid excessive response due to resonance.
Buckling Load = Applied Load(s) X Buckling Load Factor.
Luc gay mat on dinh-luc da tac dung x he so luc mat on dinh.


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