Awwwwwwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet, it’s a fish.

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29 thoughts on “BIG FISH IS BACK IN TOWN | One Piece: Chapter 976 – Po D. Cast”

  1. Late to this podcast, only found it today. Jinbei has been my favorite character since Fishman Island, and I only realized he was my favorite when what happend after Marineford. He basically talked Luffy out of killing himself. Not to imply Luffy was suicidal, but everyone was saying that if he put too much stress on himself with his injuries he was going to die. Jinbei's actions saved Luffy's life and makes him a real mentor/friend who I look up to. I've waited over 200 chapters to finally get the good news. Frustrating how it was handled, but I'm optimistic that it means that won't split him off again… I hope 🙁

  2. I got here via the lecture.. i watched the whole thing in 2 days… man… i know one piece since its been released in germany, i am a big fan… i knew all parts of the story.. I read the manga weekly… but man… this was totally legendary! So I sub and listen to my first podcast rn 😀

  3. I think Oda actually said 200 hana-hanas, but this was also a pre time skip SBS so it's likely no longer the case even if relevant. I figure she was worried about momo's general saftey should the ink heron disappear

  4. Kanjuro vs. Denjiro. They were both operating as double agents, plus it's implied that Kanjuro is more capable than the scabbards believed he was, so even though Denjiro was originally stated to be in the top-3 amongst them power-wise, maybe Kanjuro's actual level is comparable enough for it to be a decent fight.

  5. What's funny is that the same bunch of people who don't want Jinbe in the crew are the people who want the likes of carrot, momonosuke or tama to join the crew giving them roles such as look out or cabin boys despite there being legitimate reasons for them not deserving to be there on the crew. Like Geez fam.

  6. Kinemon is not cool at all. It's like all these Wano characters are OCs in some sort of crossover fanfic. SHAME

  7. Momonosukes afraid of heights, he was traumatized by Kaido with that in the flash back and in Punk Hazard that was made clear that he didnt like flying.

  8. Ok can anyone tell me why jinbae should join or why he is needed or what his goal is or why he is so dang loyal to everyone he has ever meet That’s nice a nice guy

  9. Nate angrily going "You know he's the tallest member of the crew now!!!" just made me bust out laughing.
    Nate's hateboner for Jinbei has reached neutron star level of hardness.

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