One of my favorite old school games is now available on GOG! But there’s also something they didn’t tell you… you can play with some of the game’s original cut content restored!

Buy it here:
More info on the cut content here:


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9 thoughts on “Blade Runner (1997) NOW AVAILABLE ON GOG! [How to play with Restored Content!]”

  1. Hello! I'm working with the ScummVM team on the Restored Content version. I'd like to clarify that, even though the RC version is perfectly playable, there's still significant content to be restored, which will be progressing steadily in the coming weeks/months and hopefully completed soon. Still you can definitely have a good taste of what's been already restored. And feel free to provide feedback on the ScummVM forums or discord, or the GOG forums! Thanks for pointing out that this mode exists!
    Also, the game supports subtitles now that it runs via scummVM and there are fan made ones for English and French available from the scummVM site in the games section.

  2. So, is there a playthrough of Blade Runner with the restored content? Has that video been uploaded to YT? Can anybody, please, provide the url for that video?

    Thank you!

  3. Hello sir. I may be a little bit stupid, but I noticed when playing the game on my large monitor at 1920 x 1080 the graphics appear very "pixelated". I realise the original resolution was 640 x 480 but on all the youtube videos of the game they look sharper and higher resolution… Am I missing something?

  4. Coming to PC and Consoles

  5. I love for doing all this work from getting the license (which turns out to be harder than I though), restoring the games themselves and are DRM free so we can download them right from the store. Also GOG Galaxy 2.0 is an awesome launcher that connects every platform you ever played on and can launch games from Steam, Epic Games, EA Origins and so many, all in one launcher.

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