While I record, I figured I’d watch something from this past Bang Bang Con. I hope you guys don’t mind sitting through it again! XD

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47 thoughts on “BTS – Bang Bang Con Dope (Reaction)”

  1. Over 750.000 of us paid $35 for it and watched it hahahaha but yeah there were at least 10 different illegal streams going around with 100K+ viewers. So it’s safe to say a couple million people watched this live. (The first BangBangCon that was streamed for free on Youtube consisting of their older concerts was watched live by 2.5million people and had over 50million views in total)

  2. Nope, no audience due to covid. They did this since their concert was postponed. Their world tour was suppose to be in late March I believe.
    I didnt experience any lagging.
    And as for their venue for this I have no idea lol

  3. Like the other comments said it didn't lag for me I think the uploader did that because of copyright cause like there were 6 different cameras but they quadrupled one of the cameras only probably because it has serious copyright claims like I saw people asking for a new twitch link every 3 minutes on twitter haha

  4. oh yeah i was SO LUCKY to find one stream that wasn’t taken down at all??? i was sooo pleasantly surprised it was on twitter too and thankfully i didn’t miss anything other than just some lagging from my internet haha, also i don’t remember it lagging like this so probably that person’s stream, also the cameras weren’t like this , the actual stream had six cameras all having different angles so i’m not sure what that person did

  5. Thank you for reacting to this! I missed the first 20 mins and was really bummed 🙁 so I was very happy to watch your reaction!💜

  6. There was no audience in there that's why you can't hear the crowd. In fact this concert was the conclusion of the Festa 2020 (Festa is an event celebrating BTS's birthday and it's always ending with a concert), but due to Covid-19, they chose to do it online. And it was lagging because more than 700k people were watching the live in the same time 😉

  7. It was not laging,,and the sound engineers rly try to make it sound great and sometimes sound is great,but the live is not bc they change it so it looks like our guys not singing…that just the sound engineers making a live music video!

  8. I think the lag was the persons internet i had a lag on one of the last songs but I just clicked live and it was good again omg it was amazing!

  9. Since this was paid content I'm not sure they won't be taking YouTube videos down. Although I guess there's many clips from paid content already online so you're probably fine lol 😂.
    The livestream didn't lag for me, so I don't know what that's about.
    And yeah there are many articles saying this had the most viewers of any live streamed concert ever. Over 700.000 people.

  10. no audience except for their staff who were recording and stuff, but mine lagged because i was using data. most people who used good wifi didn’t have an issue

  11. i think there were 5 different stages, to me, this was the most pretty. their last song of bbc was spring day, on this stage, it was just GORGEOUS.
    idk if you noticed, at the begging of the song, NJ changed the lyrics from "first time to BTS?" to "first time to bbc?" loved that little detail.
    also kudos to the site that transmitted the live, with over 700k logins, there were stable, no lagging (i think what you see here is more the one who uploaded the vid), HD quality, very good experience.
    i think we can all agree that the only problem with bbc was that it felt too short………………….

  12. There was no audience bc they just did this a few days ago and bc of COVID 19 they can’t have an audience..So the only reason they made a whole live stream concert was bc they couldn’t have anyone there..And it’s lagging for you maybe bc the person who recorded it lagging of course.I saw it live and thankfully it wasn’t lagging but anyways great video💜💜

  13. BBC was so fun to watch! I woke up at 4:45am to watch it but it was totally worth it. My computer was very laggy so i watched it on my phone and also switched to my computer whenever it stopped lagging. It was nice seeing this concert especially since i was supposed to see them live this summer, but the tour got cancelled. Great performance!

  14. Ahh i finally was able to binge watch your vids for the past two weeks and catch up! Love all of them so much! Thanks for all these reactions, youre great 🙂

  15. Yes, totally no audience. I watched it live. Really can see from their expressions that they really feel different when there is no one there. Yes, it was lagging. And the real time sub was having a delay too. I think the translator was having a problem translating as fast as they were talking.

  16. ARMY look out for this broadcast. Summer sonic is a japanese festival. Due to covid they couldn’t hold it this year, so they are YT premering their old footages. BTS attended this festival in 2015 and that performance is being aired too. Its one of their epic concerts. The energy is insane. Since japan has strict copyright Policies we still dont hv HD version of it. So we are getting HD video of the performance. You can set the reminder here: https://youtu.be/AI4BkADez6I
    Also I hope everyone is ready for their new japanese single releasing @6pm kst. I think we are getting an MV too. It will be on Universal Japan channel not bighit💜

  17. I'm so pissed I bought the ticket because I was told I would have access to the VOD after. Now they're saying I have to wait for editing and for Korea to approve the final VOD. I couldn't stay up for the initial broadcast at 4am. Plus this is the second ticket I've been temporarily screwed over by. I had a MOTS7 ticket in may that also is now postponed. Anyway just needed to rant lol, cheers.

  18. you could download the whole concert in higher quality and no lagging. search for qdeoks on twitter and you'll find the link

  19. It lagged for this person it seems at that point, they still haven't officially uploaded the replay link, it takes a week, so this must be the screen recording that person made. Many had problems with lagging, others didn't experience much lagging at all, it all depends.

  20. Nope, no audience and no it didn’t lag. ☺️ I loved it bc it was ACTUALLY live! Not pre-recorded and streamed as live. Hope that makes sense. 😂

  21. Sadly there is no audience, the whole point of bangbangcon was because their wourld tour was cancelled because of the coronavirus. So they did this live show for us, of course I fell bad for them because there is no audience so they cant really enjoy like a real concert 🙁

  22. There were like 750K people who were watching it officially but i feel like if they accounted for the number of people watching it illegally it would be well over 1 million 🤣

  23. Hi Brad, there wasn’t a physical audience, just camera operators and staff. It didn’t lag online while we watched it, at least not for me ❤️ They had a huge area with several stages set up. It was more than I imagined 💜💜💜 thank you for this reaction!

  24. it didn't lag for me when i watched it live. maybe it was for the person who posted it. OR the person who posted it lag the audio on purpose and "quadrupled' the video before posting it to avoid copyright.
    I can't for you to be caught up with MV timeline, so you can react/ enjoy the other songs too

  25. Hi B!!🍞
    Yeah, there wasn't audience because of all the pandemic issues.
    They did BBC the live online for the first time taking care all of that.
    Thank you for your reaction!!! I enjoyed as usual. 💜😃

  26. It wasn't lagging.. It's was just the connection from the person who upload it.. I watched live and that didn't happen

  27. Ooh it didn’t lag with me. I think it’s just the person that uploaded it. As for the crowd there wasn’t any. It’s just broadcasted live for us. Hopefully we’ll get the VOD soon 💜💜

  28. There was no live audience 🙁
    And none of it lagged live, well it didn’t for me. I don’t know if other people had issues.
    There were also multiple camera views but this video seems to all be just the main camera.

  29. It didnt lag for me, i think it was just that video since my screen was also not split up into 4. And nope, there was no audience unfortunately because of covid19. This bangbangcon, while celebrating their anniversary, in my opinion, was also like a mini preview of what to expect for their concerts, since their world tour was postponed because of the pandemic. So while they performed their newer songs here they didnt do everything because theyre saving it for their world tour, whenever they can tour again.

  30. They were definitely in some sort of large sound stage area. The sets were all built connecting and they ran back and forth between them across the room. There were times when they showed them walking from one set to the other.

  31. Bang bang con was so much fun 💜. It was a bit different because there’s no audience but they tried to interact with army live during the event. You’re right the live-streams for it were crazy!!

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