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47 thoughts on “CALL OF DUTY 2020 REVEAL – OFFICIAL TRAILER REVEAL!!! (COD Black Ops Cold War)”

  1. How much do you want to bet that the nuke in war zone is going to Launch to make a different map it going to be everything destroyed on the map there will still be building but Wreckage of buildings … just a guess

  2. Am I just confused about what's happening on the stream or are they stupid? Couldn't they just search the chemical formulas on Google?

  3. I can’t believe it, me and my brother just started spamming crabs then all of a sudden the entire chat was just crabs and then Noahj started to play the crab rave 🤣🤣 the stream was so lit 🔥 🔥

  4. Todos nosotros y nuestra gloria es como la hierba del campo, que un dia es hermoso y el otro se marchita, pero los que hacen la voluntad de Dios permanecen para siempre. Amigos este mundo no es para siempre, y pronto vendra el juicio de Dios el cual ninguna persona se podra justificar porque todos hemos pecado y tenemos conciencia para saber el bien y el mal pero decidimos el mal. Pero Jesus vino a morir por esos pecados para que nosotros no tengamos condenacion, en este dia por favor confiesen y arrepientanse de sus pecados y pongan su fe en el Salvador Jesus que resucito y esta sentado a la derecha del Padre y que pronto vendra a llevarse a sus santos con El. Dios los bendiga.

  5. phenomenal job that the call of duty did on this easter egg
    good job, Noah
    that was epic to watch every single of your livestreams solving this easter eggs
    what a marketing campaign !!! Treyarch is Genius ! in my opinion that was the best marketing campaign ever on a Videogame.

  6. So now that’s it’s been said in a VIDEO GAME all you weirdos are all of a sudden scared tryna, damn y’all dumb asf and if it was happening right now you would’ve been heard about. Mann y’all wipipo be conspiracy Hackers

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