Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered Game Movie 60fps

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Gameplay: ThaBamboozler

Game Developer: Raven Software
Game Publisher: Activision


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38 thoughts on “Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered – Game Movie”

  1. I love the modern warfare series there's so much action my favorite team is SAS because the guns are suppressed and I like to go dark.

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  3. Don't tell me that this game also need internet update when first time install…if it's true please someone reply this, i just don't want to waste my money

  4. I like how in 46.40 Nikolai just casually grabs the helicopters right side as if the heli carrying him wasn't on fire and going to explode

  5. problem this isn't CODMW4 ITS CODMW it is showing that what happened in between CODMW2 AND CODMW3 after CODMW3 then it's CODMW4

  6. Ihan hyvä Peli-Video. Muistuttaa ainakin jotenkin: Conflict Desert Strom I ja II + Conflict Clobal Strom. Vaikutelma on niin kuin videolta näkyy paljon laajempi peli-kenttä alue ja peli-tiedosto voi olla siten iso-kokoinen että meike tyytyy pelailemaan joskus noita mainittuja pelejä kun niistä on peli-kenttä tallennukset tallessa. Niistä 2-ensimäistä peliä liittyy Irakin sotaan ja 3-Confligt Clobal pelissä on kysymys terroristit tai jotain sinne päin.

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