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  1. Bezmenov also said that the process never goes further than demoralization in the USA and I believe it’s because we have the 2 ideologies of our political system and how they should be. Even though they disagree on many things they both believe in similar concepts of morality, aside from the ongoing problems. Where one party would fail they would fall onto the next party and even then the other party wouldn’t be eliminated or executed unless people dire for equality and change which is not bad dont get me wrong, though I believe that since we are not all created equal we can never be 100% equal. The reason with democracy, even though I believe it should be the way to run a government, is that it allows for too much ideology, at least for the citizens but the citizens of the USA are the perfect example of how easy it would be to have someone make you believe what they believe because its so easy to accept each others ideas and build upon these ideas. At the end of the full interview he talks about faith, specifically religion. That faith is the only thing that is strong enough to make a person basically unshakable. America is full of ideology and while ideas can be beneficial, ideas that change the law of nature or the disruption morality aren’t good.

  2. I honestly stopped caring for call of duty after they release black ops 3 but ill still check up on new games if im interested in their zombies

  3. One of the BLM founders admits to being a trained Marxist and community organizer…google it, watch it and you’ll understand this ex-KGB agent’s warning. Bernie Sanders has been working towards EVERYTHING this man is talking about since the 80’s. This is no conspiracy theory when the agent who played a part in its execution tells us about it.
    We are one America. Black, white, male, female, etc…we had better start seeing through the SJW bullshit and start acting like it.

  4. You say so much work went into this a better beat model warfare right now matter warfare is the number one top of the game black up better come hard on this game or I will be disappointed

  5. Everything that yuri bezmenov talks about in the COD trailer is actually 100% real. The Soviet Union tries to demoralize America and from what we see today in 2020 it’s actually happening.

  6. You just don’t realize how “real” it is. I feel like they been holding this one in the chamber sayin one day it will be time

  7. @NoahJ456 "when they will see in the future, what the beautiful society of Equality and Social Justice means in practice, obviously they will revolt. They will be very unhappy. Frustrated. And a Marxist-Leninist regime does not tolerate these people.”
    -Yuri Bezmenov, circa 1984.
    This is a prediction not a hypothetical.

  8. Am I the only one who got creeped out when I heard it takes 20-50 years? Yall realize this war was going on in the 80s and 90s right?

  9. i get that you’re excited….but man you did NOT listen to the message of the trailer …. the majority of you gamers better wake up and start looking at what the outside looks like smh ….it’s already too late

  10. DESTABILISATION: Ultrafeminism. The erasure of gender. The destruction of the family. The loss of a cohesive moral structure – previously from Christianity. The idea of toxic masculinity used to attack gender roles. The self hatred of nation. The destruction and deconstruction of institutions. The rewriting of history. False ideas of white privilege used to foment race war leading to B L M riots but heading to all-out conflict. All called The Long Walk through the Institutions set out by the Frankfurt School decades ago – coming to fruition. PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  11. Sounds like americas current problem, letting this communists/fascists run around rampant destroying cities and the severe radicalism from the left

  12. I have a gaming channel called Shrekity I do gaming videos but mainly call of duty if u like Noah’s videos up you’ll probably like mine

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