Call of Duty Warzone has a broken weapon. The 357 akimbo with Snake shot. It’s ridiculous. I’ll show you my loadout and play a solo match to test! Leave a LIKE and a comment, subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!


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37 thoughts on “Call of Duty Warzone Broken Gun”

  1. The first friendly warzone plyer who does not cuss. Thanks for the great content bro. Keep it up, dude! Really appreciate your work

  2. The amount of morons in here that think they can defend themselves appropriately with buckshot or bird shot is mind blowing. Yall need to get some fucking training.

  3. Its pronounced three fifty seven guy. Not three five seven. Most generally its a three fifty seven mag or magnum.

  4. I dont want to be mean or anything but it is actually pronounced Three Fifty Seven not 357 words not numbers.

  5. If you shoot them at separate times it’s more op

    Edit: like one after the other and it becomes the r90 shotgun but with more shots

  6. Me : comes home after long day trying to play some warzone for fun

    This fucker : lmao, that GuY jUSt Got ABsoluteLy WreCkeD.

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