COD Warzone DMR Nerf has happened AGAIN but is it enough this time? Let’s play some games in the new meta and see if other guns are viable now. Using the FFAR and LW3 Sniper Rifle, STIM glitch is fixed too. Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner


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23 thoughts on “Call of Duty Warzone DMR Nerf AGAIN! ( R.I.P )”

  1. Thanks God! That gun made the game soooooo unfun.
    Just make the Gun as they are and let the skills and strategies of the players speak for itself! I don’t know who thought making that gun that strong was a good idea that was the worst op gun ever! There’s should be no gun stronger then the 50 cal sniper per shot especially at a long range not even those bolt action

  2. People what a realistic tactical shooter but complain this guns to powerful or whatever. They know nothing about firearms. It all comes down to the caliber and to a far lesser extent the barrel length. If you have a semiautomatic rifle in .308 (dmr) and a bolt action in .308 they are going to have the exact same amount of stopping power and penetration. The bolt action will be more accurate. I hate seeing (realistic) shooter where 2 gun of the same caliber having far different stopping power and penetration. I've seen games where a .223/556 semiautomatic has more stopping power than a full auto .308.

  3. I remember, before the patches and stuff.. I killed someone with a type 63, and they kept shouting "Dmr! Dmr! Dmr! Dmr!". It's wild how traumatized people are.

  4. Call the FFAR the F2, yes i know it's the famas's name aswell but then we have a FAMAS and an F2, instead of JAFAR, i mean FFAR, just my opinion tho

  5. finally!!!!i last few weeks i wasn't really happy about dmr as i play only with m13 and mp7…every dickhead was using dmr …. the way of killing with dmr was crazy!!!i didn't enjoy playing at all…so i played mainly deathmatch….thank you

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