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43 thoughts on “Carefully”

  1. have 2 work on it 4 my english class 😭😭 thats sounds like a mf ad for cereals or for febreze things u know 😭😭 im off

  2. A group of researchers from Columbia University say that between 130,000 and 210,000 Covid-19 deaths in the U.S. could have been avoided were it not for the government’s “abject failures” in managing the crisis — blaming an administration that was slow to act, ignored experts, and failed to adapt and improve over the course of the pandemic, as well as “woefully inadequate” contact tracing and testing and the lack of any national mask mandate or guidance.

  3. What the radial left fails to understand is that the third world loves Donald Trump

    He makes even our politicians seem competent

  4. I love the part in this video where the people are in the hospital with their loved one. Because literally thousands of people died in hospitals all over american ALONE without their family. We're not recovering in fact the numbers are going back up.

  5. I’m not a trump supporter but can you imagine how much hate he gets every day? What if that was you and you had to deal with people hating you for your beliefs.

  6. Fake… Random claims… He didn't actually do any of this. He just passed all the responsibility to other people. Btw those aren't fauci's words. It's edited. #Biden2020 🌊🌊

  7. Dislike the video if u think that trump WOULD NOT shave HIS head for AMERICANS and AMERICA ( I think we all know he won’t and also at he actually prob only warn a mask during this and never any other time) not bullying just stating facts

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