Cha Tae Hyun swollen Eyes, Song Ji Hyo not appear in Song Joong Ki wedding for Kim Joo Hyuk funeral

I just understand what they feel now 🙁


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31 thoughts on “Cha Tae Hyun swollen Eyes, Song Ji Hyo not appear in Song Joong Ki wedding for Kim Joo Hyuk funeral”

  1. Why many people are so judgemental here? It clearly that she can't stand to be happy that time because of her friend died. If this happen to me When my one friend getting married and one has died I will also choose to go in Funeral to respect my friend. Hope everyone will do that also.

  2. What we our believe.. if someone died that they some people well get married the days.. is not really good that look like a bullshit for our married, so now i understan why song2 divorce… so sad n R.I.P to actor..

  3. Waahhh…nakakalungkot namn kaya pala wala NA cxa sa 2days and 1night…nakakagulat namn akala q nagbreak LNG cxa sa pag shoot sa 2n1….😭😭😭..RIP KIM JUHYOOK…😞😞😞😞i feel sad..ngyari pa sa araw ng song song couple..😢😢😢😢

  4. Anyone know what really happen? Mercedes SUV is to blame or what??? One of the most best safety featured in a car if it's proton I understand.

  5. Man that kind of accident is definitely sad cuz he obviously was in some kind of pain, the car slowed down then suddenly veered off to the side violently… he mustve had a stroke or heart attack possibly

  6. Autopsy reports nothing unusual and he didn't have a heart attack or stroke… in my opinion it looks like road rage.. and then he lost control of the car…

  7. I think you need to edit the title.
    Song JiHyo was attending the wedding, she came together with Kim HaeSun. I saw them. But maybe she leaf earlier and went to the funeral after that. Song JoongKi himself also attended the funeral ceremony after the wedding.

  8. Im a little confused, why didnt jihyo go for both alongside the other rm members? Not that im in any way judging, she was so respectful and joongki probably understood

  9. I've been watching Running Man since the beginning and his episode was next on my list two days after his passing. He was so adorable and kind and genuine. I don't know what else to say but that he was such a sweet soul. May he rest in peace.

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