Semi-Finals vs Team Front – (Master – Challenger) | This is 5v5 challenger competitive match not solo queue. There is one more (recorded) game where we lost.

This was a BO5 – we won 3-2 – This was the 2nd match.


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22 thoughts on “CHALLENGER KARMA MID | Challenger Tourney | Listen to competitive comms – League of Legends”

  1. This video is excellent example of why karma is a great mid laner. Can take a safe laning option and always be uber useful late game with ult q/e

  2. This was really neat, i like seeing the contrast of play style from soloq to 5 mans. However, i do enjoy when your speaking to us in SoloQ games about your thought process for moves you're making, either way really neat video!

  3. Hey man, great video as always! I just saw your surname on Leaguepedia and wanted to ask whether you have greek descent. Feel free to not answer if my question is rude, though!

  4. This was so pleasant to watch. High level comms are super interesting and fun. Thank you for uploading a match like this! Great job, as always!

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