Singapore’s oft-debated foreign worker policy sparked an exchange between Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing and Workers’ Party chief Pritam Singh in Parliament on Monday (Jan 6). Mr Singh repeatedly asked for a breakdown of the number of new jobs that went to Singaporeans, permanent residents (PRs) and foreigners.
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22 thoughts on “Chan Chun Sing, Pritam Singh spar in Parliament over Singapore's foreign worker policy”

  1. Just give the number they want exact n. correct numbers there are no numbers that what they asking show the numbers more accurate do not talk n talk

  2. CCS have nothing to hide yet does not want to answer Pritam's question. 8 months down the road, 10 seats went to WP and last three days in Parliament we see the Minister of Manpower cry and MIW stone-walling the opposition, labelling the opposition as adversarial and calling their voters free riders . Hello, MIW dont hold the monopoly of good governance but wants to have the monopoly of withholding information to prevent opposition to help and aid generating alternatives for consideration for public policy-making. Hello, everyone is in TeamSG including MIW voters, Opposition voters and Opposition. Pritam is not Jeremy Corbin, Opposition is not Tawan-style disruptive pull-hair, smack-punch, throw-shoe debate. we all are in teh same boat, that's why everyone in SG has to play our part to bring SG forward, not kneecap it by not providing info or worse, question the intent of the question or worse still, insinuate the person who asked as a mischief-causing agent. . Now, you know why why MIW lose so many % and seats.. with yaya papaya smug attitude vs professional and measured approach by WP Pritam !

  3. Just give the house the god damned data… then you can talk, all you want on how to make a virtuous point….. good lord… it was a simple question, wasn’t it??… stop beating around the bushes will you.

  4. Not all Singaporean has wages increased. Some foreigners which less experience joined with higher paid especially in IT department.

  5. CCS, you are not truthful! I am a true blue SG, more than 50yrs old, to get a job in the industry I excel in is difficult, I have send many resumes but I didnt receive a single interview. So dont give me your BS la

  6. Pritam genuinely wants to introduce social democracy into Singapore in a humble manner while the elites of the dominant party sneer with arrogance.

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