Check your 6 a digital version of the world-renowned tabletop game. Produced by The Lordz Games Studios and published by Slitherine Games. “Check Your 6” brings you a turn-based game that carries the spirit of the dogfights. Play as the British or as the Germans at the Battle of Britain in 18 different missions covering air battles, and protecting and destroying important objectives. Use 14 different aircraft, each with its own strength and weakness, with a huge number of weapons that allow the player to attack with different precision’s and ranges. The AI will always try to outsmart you, taking the best decisions in order to win as soon as possible. This is going to create awesome battles of wits that will test the player’s ability in figuring out the opponent’s moves.


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2 thoughts on “Check your 6 :New Tactical air combat Turn based game : Review & Gameplay Tutorial Battle of Britain”

  1. Right…. So hard to see stuff. It is all over the map. Would prefer if it was hexes and counters, and the height was represented by the number a not physically on the map by raising the aircraft above the map.
    This looks cool in tabletop on your table/floor…. not so cool on the monitor.

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