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The classic mega serial ‘Chithi’ that resonated with each and everyone in the household, more than a decade ago, is back. Chithi 2, is a whole new story., about yet another ‘Chithi’, our kind-hearted and brave-spirited Saradha. Her portrayal of love, forgiveness, sacrifice, fierceness, and perseverance towards her family, through the thick and thin of life, makes one believe in the power of family. Watch and travel along with Saradha’s offbeat family.

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48 thoughts on “Chithi 2 – Promo | 28th February 2020 | Sun TV Serial | Tamil Serial”

  1. Radika neeyelam thiruthave maatiya unna periya apptkakarnu kaatika appavi ponnugaluku villi vesham kuduthu avangaluku kettaperu vangi kudukura neeyum un theenjupona serialum intha karumatha paakura mutta pannadagalai irukuravaraikum unna mathiri alugaloda kaatula mazhai than ellam serialgalum edukuravangalum nasamai pogatum.

  2. Ean rathika mom neenga kooda eppadi serial eaduka aarampichitinga entha. Oora maamiyaar marumagaluku payapaduranga romba kanraviya eruku nanthini ya parthale pedikala

  3. Really missing Vani Rani serial…..pesama intha serial ah close panitu Vani Rani retelecast panunga….Nala irukum…

  4. Radhika ask Thirumurugan to redirect your serial may be it could help you ! Or another flop like Chandrakumari is waiting soon ……..

  5. Please end the character of Nandini, her character and acting shows real face. This type of ladies will spoil the reputation of joint family structure. Better remove this actress from this serial. She was showing too much scene and damaging the reputation of Radhika madam serial.

  6. pls ask nandhini don't open her mouth widely.. Her gums s black.. You ppl gave her dark 💋 .. Yucks.. Actually she s good n vani Rani.. But ds serial spoils here looks as well

  7. ஆரம்பத்துல இந்த சீரியலை நான் விடாமல் பார்த்தேன் ஆனா இப்ப பாக்குறது இல்ல. ராதிகா எல்லாத்துக்கும் பொறுமையா இருக்குறது பாக்குறதுக்கு டென்ஷனா இருக்கு. மத்தே சீரியலை பாக்குறதுக்கு டென்ஷனா இருக்கு ன்னு இந்த சீரியலுக்கு வந்தா இந்த சீரியல் அதுக்கு மேல

  8. So Irritating…. Before it telecasr I was eagerly waiting for this serial but now I didn't like the serial at all. So much negativity. If they gonna maintain the same stupid story. They going to lose the audience.

  9. Very disappointing.. serial becoming worst… Didn't expect this from chiti 2 and Nandini character very irritating n annoying…

  10. Radaan team kalyana veedu serial parunga oru 50% logic oda yeppadi yedukirathu learn it… Yetbo chithi 1 partha nala 90s kida chithi 2 pakkurom athum few months or else chandrakumari matiri ayirum… Atha maran sir 9.30 prime time kudukama 9 clk kuduthu irukaru still he s not confident on radaan team….

  11. Please stop this nandhini negative character irritate aguthu please stop it radhika mam….
    Ur fans…..

  12. Rathika Mam nave bold but ethula appaveya erukaga Nandhini pathave iirritatinga eruku serial not inrested pidikala pls change pannunga…..

  13. நந்தினி முஞ்சி பார்க்க சகிக்களை பாம்பு மூஞ்சி காரி கதையும் நல்ல இல்லை

  14. லக்ஷ்மிய.நல்லா போட்டு வீட்ட விட்டு துரத்தி அடிக்கனும்

  15. Intha seriel pakkave katupa varuthu…..nanthini munchyum…ava pethum…intha anbu paya pontatti ..enna pannallum….suma ve irrukan

  16. Too much of negativity, irritated and lost interest to watch this serial anymore. I hope Radika reads all the comment.

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