I knew that Chris Hansen’s involvement with the Onision & Kai situation was going to have a huge impact, let’s talk about it. ☕
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23 thoughts on “Chris Hansen Spells The End Of Onision & Kai (FBI in contact)”

  1. To quote Critikal:
    "to call Onision a human is a very generous title, the guy is like a pinworm, he just lives in your asshole and makes you itch, and to scratch that itch you have to make fun of him."

  2. Onision self indentifying with the joker is the saddest/ dumbest thing he’s putting out. Like dude, do you lack any ability to be self aware? He’s a sad little edge lord who want to be praised as an anti hero and doesn’t realize how pathetic he is.

  3. Ummmm-…..Is Onision so stupid to where he thinks the FBI is just like the cops? Because they don't just give up on grooming claims. They'll go through everything with a fine-tooth comb, but to do that it takes a while.

  4. I can’t believe Patreon took him down before Discord. I’ve been a Discord member for a few years now, and one of my good friends had to have me take over moderation of our team’s discord (for a game we play) because he would get banned from Discord for sneezing at the wrong person. Hopefully they get Onision sooner than later…for that fake ass breakdown/skitzo freakout and taunting that the FBI and cops couldn’t get him.

  5. I legit think that whole video is an act to make people think he’s having a meltdown… he’s always been calculated, this wasn’t a meltdown, it was an attempt to continue manipulating the masses

  6. I am slightly amused by the fact that onion thinks that people can take his patreon and it has NOTHING to do with him doxxing someone. 🙄🙄🙄

  7. I feel like as more shit hits the fam he’s going to try and maybe succeed at killing himself because even he knows he won’t last 3 minutes in prison as a kiddy diddler.

    Maybe onionboi might kill himself, but Jeffery Epstein didn’t.

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