This video is a compilation of all or most of the mean horrible things shallon lester has said through out her career.I even left out the part where she said Selena Gomez was going to die at 27.I decided i wanted to start commentary but i actually have no sources or what to talk about. so if you do help me out in the comments.

#shallonlester #shallonlesterselenagomez
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  1. Bi* your hate comments on BTS and that "story" with you and Harry styles
    This girl is so freakin delulu i-

  2. Why would you comment on kpop idols if you have nothing good to say. Who is this anyway. Your comments are not needed

    Her: "Look at there outfits like omg" SAYS THE ONE WITH A FRIGGIN EAGLE ON HER SHIRT!! This made me SO MAD!! But honestly don't really care anymore coz I mean i'd like to hear her say this to the over 90 MILLION ARMYS OUT THERE!!💜💜 BTS AND ARMY FOREVER!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  4. Bruh did she really just insult 4.5 billion people in the world. If that's the case, she's like, a mentally disabled Karen, I mean, she even has blond hair and a close enough hairstyle.

  5. That is their normal, in Asia it's NORMAL for guys to wear makeup and it's normal for them to wear rye contacts

  6. she: call me crazy
    me: gurl u r sick shrugs
    and wheres your problem if bts uses lipstick? ur none to tell them what they should do or what they shouldnt. you know what, if u wanna rule over someone, u should rule over yourself girl and make yourself straight as human, not an alien.

  7. “How do you tell them apart” I- it’s because we have brain Karen. You got none no wonder why you can’t tell them apart.

  8. If there was ever a showcase for miserable people who never learnt to cope with inadequacies, this woman would be exhibit A.

  9. Her:they look like girls
    Inside:theyre pretty boys
    Me:why do u hate them i hate racist like u do u think u r pretty than anyone in the world

  10. She doesn’t deserve the poster. Give it to me instead. If u hate bts it’s fine but that’s over the lines and that’s racist

  11. She( disgust to speak her name): r Asian allowed to look like Asian??

    Me: Bitxh wtf??? Is she allowed to like Voldemort (harry potter people will understand?

  12. Bashing on people… this is what she does. Just ignore BTS. Come on, man! Get over. Take it easy, calm down and get over it. Just dont bash on people.

    Edit: Oh I think I am wrong. Please buy more posters and bash them cause she makes money to our boys.

    P.S. Dont look in the top corner, to see I did not edited it…

  13. Lester: How dk you guys tl these people apart cuz they all have the same hair colour and the same eye colour.

    Me: Ummmmmm- are you blind? Or are you trying to be ridiculous cuz ma'am they do NOT have the same hair colour godamn it?

  14. Hello?doesnt this shallon have a brain why she judge people asians are not only blacked hair colour sometimes brown depends on ur parents calling bts girls…….how many times I should say this but……..bts don’t wanna become a gay and have no interest in makeup they only wear makeup cuz of the korean culture saying they all look same bro u really gonna spend ur money on a bts poster and say bad abt them on purpose this is how much u hate bts???spent some time on ur family what’s ur problem if u call a person ugly then u are ugly so disrespectful and offensive😡😡😡😡🤬🤬

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