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  1. thank you baye but the number if can saying in wolof it will help tanks beye for the good work may god guide you

  2. Grazie mille baye diouf amatina solo trop wayei numero yii soko wakhei si francais ba pare sou mane nekate si wolof wala italien dina guena bakh si nhi degute francais

  3. Mi sento sempre felice quando ascolto le tue notizie e ci dai sempre un buon consiglio e buone notizie. Continuate così. Grazie mille il mio dio continua a benedire te e la tua famiglia. Grazie mille. Continuate così

  4. The number you are giving the people you can say it in wolof so then every one can here it, because many people who listened you hear wolof language but they don't hear French language so please the number you can see in wolof so everyone will know what is the number

  5. Salam salam dieulel sénégalais yi nék si Europe bi ba paré rèk dora mana khol fénéne ngua balma si wakh bi pour mane balangua lakh diaye lakh lék djiégalou nak bou wér espagne Logrono

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