Singapore will distribute TraceTogether tokens to all residents from Sep 14, as authorities pilot the use of the token or app for SafeEntry check-in at some buildings, Minister-in-charge of the Smart Nation initiative Vivian Balakrishnan said.

Separately, Second Minister for Manpower Tan See Leng outlined how his ministry has implemented safe living, working and rest day measures in migrant worker dormitories to prevent large COVID-19 clusters from forming and spreading.

This is the full news conference and subsequent Q&A session with journalists.

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30 thoughts on “COVID-19: Singapore to issue TraceTogether tokens; outlines strategy to contain new dorm cases”

  1. So why isn't the man himself shows he is carrying one from his pocket ? Nope. Neither the makers of the device carry it neither. It doesn't carry ur data. So aren't why any of these category of ppl carry it around their neck to prove it is safe ? When u go to collection center, do u see anyone wearing it ? Nope.

  2. I have no problem with QR code scanning I have no problem with mask but I have a very big problem with carrying a tracker where ever I go. These are meta data can be used or abused. If we are ok with the tracker then what's next? Microchip us with a tracker? The line must be drawn some where and I think this is where we should draw the line.

  3. This is a normal job if nothing happen. But if something happen, this is an unthankful job. I hope the people in Singapore know how to appreciate good job done to encourage our Ministers and all health workers.

  4. Covid19 here will not be going away.
    Unless authority Swab Test all work pass holder staying outside Gov approved dorm.

  5. Rubbish….stricter rules for Singaporean. Wat about your so called tourist? Dorm worker? Fast lane business' nuts…only put dramatic rules to Singaporean whearas treat outsider like king n queen…idiot system..

  6. Taiwan doesnt even need that and there have 0 local infection cases dont know since when. learn from them and stop issuing the tokens and treat us like dogs!

  7. Those who voted for these folks should be issued with the tokens first and foremost followed by the incoming foreigners.

    Those who didn’t vote for them should consider staying home and chill since the tokens will not be put to good use at all.

    I think that’s a fair start. Cos not everyone is in favour of this idea.

  8. The worst is yet to come when October, 2020 arrived.

  9. What a big waste of money and resources !!! We just have to monitor the FW dorms more diligently and more intelligently !!!
    But more importantly is to STOP India Indians and Pinoys from returning for another 6 months !!! And everything will be fine !!!
    You all Pro Aliens Party Task Force are really a bunch of useless morons !!!

  10. Cool beta test for human tracking. After that they will implement injectables using nano capsule then goodluck to everyone.

  11. If Singapore is indeed so safe and can allows and accept foreigners from coming into Singapore without the need to be quarantine for 14 days , then why did the govt is still forcing the pubs and F&B , kopitiam to stop serving alcohol at 10.30pm, causing many such business to close down and causing many citizens losing their jobs. in fact since the reopening of phase 2 there is no a single covid cases in any of the pubs and F&B outlets. Instead covid cases had occurs (repeatedly) occurs shopping malls, super markets , cinemas, dorms, markets.

  12. Temporary ban travellers from India and Philippines, please. Many imported cases are from there.

  13. Imagine , If my family member keep bringing in rubbish , No matter how i clean , my house would still be dirty … Even 1000 rules applied to my house , the house would still be dirty ..enough said … yeah just talking about my own problem …

  14. IF Singapore is consider safe , why dont govt announce phase 3 opening , Why be selective and choose those privilege that only allow those who can afford to fly into Singapore

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