Follow along to make this crochet balloon sleeve sweater! Make for yourself and a friend in just a few days. Enjoy!

0:00 | Intro
0:46 | Tools
1:43 | Collar
4:40 | Seam – Collar
6:23 | Single Crochet Along Bottom of Collar
7:16 | Separate Front/Back Panel
8:41 | Bask Weave Detail
16:13 | Front Panel #1 – Side Panel
17:22 | Extended Half Double Crochet
19:20 | Front Panel #1 – Shoulder
20:20 | Front Panel #1 – Under Arm
22:14 | Front Panel #2
22:40 | Back Panel #1
24:25 | Back Panel #1 – Increase
24:40 | Back Panel #1 – Shoulder
24:40 | Back Panel #1 – Under Arm
24:53 | Back Panel #2
26:21 | Seam – Sides
27:43 | Seam Shoulder
29:05 | Sleeve – Increase
32:16 | Sleeve – Decrease
34:18 | Seam – Sleeve
35:15 | Cuff
37:08 | Seam – Cuff
38:05 | Single Crochet Along Bottom

Tools Used:
Hook Link:
Stitch Markers:
Tape Measure:
Yarn Winder:
Red Heart Super Saver (Hunter Green):
Pattern Link:
Pattern Shop:

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32 thoughts on “Crochet Balloon Sleeve Sweater | Pattern & Tutorial DIY”

  1. your work is beautiful!😍😍😍
    I'm trying to replicate it but I'm Italian and I can't understand the increases and decreases of the sleeves 😅❤️… could you explain this to me? Thankss ✨
    congratulations again !!!

  2. lovee how fun and pretty you and your tutorials are! would lovee to see a tutorial on a puff / short sleeve classic square neck crop top. like a well fitted all time classic crop top with short or puff sleeves

  3. it`s not the same pattern in the left side and right side – it looks the same but is not – have you done this in purpose ? i`m a little confused …

  4. you are doing incredible job here – amazing design and very fast speed. How do you do it so often? We can't keep up with you. Thank you for sharing another amazing pattern!

  5. Your audio seem off on this video.
    Just me? In the beginning the audio seems jumbled, I can’t make out your words…
    Beautiful piece by the way…

  6. Beautiful. I have a question on your raspberry long sleeve turtleneck. For the neck is it 23 stitches in length all around?

  7. I love love your work, the fact that you create beautiful garments using simple stitches makes me love it more, this one is made in my favourite colour, I will sure tag you on insta with all projects I made from your tutorials 💖💖,love from South Africa 🌷

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