Why are you playing Magnus and Puck? Just be a bear instead.

In this video Jenkins takes a looks at pro replays and talks about how pros play Lone Druid to destroy pubs in patch 7.23b Dota 2.

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43 thoughts on “DESTROY pubs in 10 minutes with Lone Druid – Pro Dota 2 Guide”

  1. Wanna counter Lone Druid? Pick Viper the hero melts Spirit Bear. At level 3 you can kill the Spirit Bear easily and even the Druid too. Viper is the only hero that remains the same after 3 nerf patches. And there items like Grove Bow that have gotten buffed even further. Allowing him to shine. He's the secret strong hero of this patch. Because he's skills are so simple, that you don't really need a guide to play him.

  2. Hmm could Lone Druid support work? Play Him like an ogre and just build aura items on him and use the bear to bully people in lane? And then go jungle and supplement yourself with the jungle items?

  3. In matches with rampant courier snipers (bh/np etc), I've found it super convenient to buy a TP for the bear at the start of the game. During laning phase, instead of risking courier deaths you can TP bear to fountain, pick up your items+your support's items, then use the Return spell.

  4. Bruh I am more interested in how to counter LD at this point. I have tried everything except for meepo, which i dont know how to play, and none of the heroes or combo strat in dota right now seems to be a reliable way to shut down lone druid.

  5. Class class class! As I learned in school "attention getters" are great ways to get your audience focus from the start. I can personally say, your ways work well on me😂👌
    I'm not a Lone player, but this makes me want to play him. Keep it up! Thanks as always for the content👍

  6. Can anyone explain to my why the replays used jn youtube videos are bugged like 99% of the time? When i watch my replays that usually a rare occurence but when i watch any dota youtuber, theres always someone with stun symbol or some random astral prison in the middle of the map.

  7. The real question is : WHY THEY LET LD STAY IN CM ?!?!?! clearly OP should be taken out for pro matches and balance first, every hero with major changes that happens, so why not LD, good for bulldog and me that love this hero.

  8. One of the previous videos having Lone Druid in the "Not an offlaner" section made me laugh considering what has been happening lately. This video is a solid and prompt correction. Thumbs up!

  9. People are spamming lone druid while I spam venge offlane
    Its really good I just build aura items and start a good fight
    I still give aura even when I die and I got 2 sec stun armor reduction and even when I die I am still hitting and farming
    I mean its really good

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