What are Facebook Ads?
If you’ve been trying to promote your products/services online, you must already felt that it takes a long time and work (resources) for you to reach your target market, especially when only using free traffic strategies.

In this video I want to briefly introduce you to Facebook Ads, and why is it so important for you to start using them nowadays.

Important Note: I mentioned that the “Blue” Facebook is the personal with the purpose of not creating any types of confusion but make sure you do first have to create a Business Page (or Fan Page) through your “blue” Facebook in order to be able to create Ads through your Business Manager.

Please let me know below if this is a subject that interests you so I can upload more in-depth videos about how to create different Campaigns.

I have done them myself for a couple of years in my job and I still feel like a student 🙂 Hope it helps

By the way, If you need proper guidance from someone that will take you step by step through the process of creating your online business, and everything that it is involved, I strongly recommend this program that I am currently on:

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