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Today on modern Builds I’m making a platform bad out of ONLY 3/4″ pine plywood. The bed is on a floating platform and the nightstands are incorporated into the frame for a really sleek, minimalist look. This is a queen size bed and the dimensions will be available in the written article that will be up later tonight. I used the pocket hole jig a lot, but it made this project SO much easier. Hope you enjoy, and have an awesome week!

Stuff I used:
3/4″ Pine Plywood
Pocket Hole Jig: (Amazon)
Wood Glue: (Amazon)
Wood Finish: (Amazon)

Written article is up:

No Sketchup tutorial… sorry. I got you next time 🙂
Instagram: | @modernbuilds
Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery


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49 thoughts on “DIY Platform Bed With Build-in Nightstands | Modern Builds”

  1. I want to build this project, using three quarter inch thick solid wood boards. I'd love to hide my legs so as to achieve a floating effect. Any ideas?

  2. Mike, Is there a way to get a printed cut lsit for this project? I sent you an email on your site . All I see is the Sketch file but oit soen't have an exact cut list eg 4" rail at what length etc. thanks

  3. It's great crafting and cool design…..but let me tell you I would be pissed to walk into someone's guest room and they have a bed 4 inches off the ground. Whose bed is ankle height?

  4. Great job Mike, I am planning to made someone like this. My, advice (for the future) is to do the tutorial video record slow… step by step. Also the structural parts of the bed or the sample. Well regards from Peru…

  5. Freaking loved it😍 I'm looking at ideas on building my own platform bed and this video was just awesome 😍😍😍

  6. I like that you use ryobi which proves it is very diy for those of us that don't need to spend a fortune on tools we won't use often

  7. finally a platform bed diy that isnt rocket science. lol i knew there had to be simpler ways than what most videos showed

  8. I like this wood working book “Bαzοmο Tdy Plαn” (Google it). Not only does it cover woodworking tactics, however it even explains the growth cycles of trees which lead to the characteristics that carpenters find advantageous in lumber. I also provided my dad another copy. .

  9. AWESOME!! 😃 I've watched about 5 different videos trying to make a frame to the headboard I made…this would've been nice if I saw it before I started another design 😅 but it's similar to this one with the attached side boards, night stands or whatever u wanna call it Lol 😉👍🏽

  10. I swear the older I get the more of a minimalist I become this bed is all I ever needed omg but how much would u charge for that bc I’m a struggling single mother n I ain’t balling lol

  11. Hi there, i love our videos man, you got me motivated to start building my own furniture. I'm seeing you use a lot of Ryobi equipment, are you happy with it? I need some advice for my tools so i thought of asking you directly. Thanks man,

  12. What a crappy build… You didn't even try to hide the fact you used cheap plywood for this project. The headboard is going to be very uncomfortable and with a totally solid bottom, that mattress is going to build up a lot of heat and humidity and have smell/mold issues fast. This is not a smart build.

  13. When you factor all the materials, tools, time and a great pair of jeans, what is the cost analysis value of this DIY vs YDIFM vs Amazon.

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