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It can be hard sometimes, when speaking, to remember all of the grammatical rules that guide us when we’re writing. When is it right to say “the dog and me” and when should it be “the dog and I”? Does it even matter? Andreea S. Calude dives into the age-old argument between linguistic prescriptivists and descriptivists — who have two very different opinions on the matter.

Lesson by Andreea S. Calude, animation by Mike Schell.


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29 thoughts on “Does grammar matter? – Andreea S. Calude”

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  2. Just use; too, your, their, and the consonants that sound similar to them properly (the last two).
    I promise the world will instantly improve.

  3. Things that should become gramatically correct:
    I amn't
    you aren't
    he/she isn't

  4. Yes grammer is important but to a certain limit. I don't know what pronoun, adjectives, and verbs etc. are but I can still make grammatically correct sentences. We don't just need grammer to talk or write English, we also need a bit of common sense.

  5. what i got out of this was: if you both are good english speakers, dont worry about grammer. if not then do it for a clearer conversation

  6. LOL… this is the main reason why my mother and I argue a lot when we talk at each other.

    When I told her my story, at some time I got some grammatical errors but it is very far from being unintelligible or understandable. Then she will just correct me from time to time as well, and would never bother to understand what is the context of what I'm saying.

    I understood that her rebattal is about practicing proper grammar rules, but I never fail grammar or even got low scores to gone this far. I dont even speak slangy to begin with. She just keeps on insisting it like I'm a toddler who is just about to learn my langauge.

    Ending: I told her my story, and she will just critique my way of constructing my sentences. 😂😂
    There's no such thing as proper conversation when we talk, it is always about me and my grammar errors.

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  9. Heck dude, even you don't really need tongue to understand what other say. It's like driving a car without doors, bumpers, and hood installed, it drove but not a pleasant sight for the eyes.

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