Go on Pudge, you will get him eventually!

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50 thoughts on “Dota 2 Fail – Get Down Here!”

  1. In theory, void with tank items, butterfly and armor items is probably the tankiest hero in the game, since he'll be backtracking a lot of abilities and hits.

  2. not really, hes not as fast as void, so he just did a random hook. he didnt lose anything though i guess he coulda hooked back weaver but w.e

  3. Russians… Viewer… "Then what abt u oh gr8 one", "use force staff over and immediately"

    1. Viewer's real name is Egeenz, not Viewer.

  4. No the enemy team had furion who could have teleported to the cliff way sooner than he did..Void didnt do anythin special..Its more of a epic fail..pudge had a forcestaff,weaver could have used swarm,furion has a natural t.p!!!11

  5. how much mana does this void have ffs…i would think he had a bloodstone and scepter, his mana barely moves when he timewalks

  6. Потому что у войда есть уклон, от урона уклониться можно, от притягивания нет

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