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50 thoughts on “Dota 2 Trove Carafe 2017 Opening with SUNSfan”

  1. Oops, looks like the Invoker Immortal changes Alacrity, the one spell i missed. My bad. Neil is coming out w/ a video soon to showcase it all

  2. this guys doesnt watch naruto….. AM immortal is the same as escape technique naruto character using when they want to dodge or escape the enemy.. they replace themselves with a wood and be somewhere else its somekind of substitution techniqeu

  3. that stump is a reference to the replacement technique for ninja that swap their bodies with a tree stump.
    common ninja trope

  4. Traditionally ninja leave behind stumps behind when they teleport (or rather, they were never where you thought they were… it was a stump the whole time)

  5. Unchanged Invoker auto attack: "Yeah that's definitely differet. It's like a rAINbow colour"
    Golden chicken Sniper immortal: "How is that different!??"

  6. Terrible as usual. On the other hand, Queen of Pain has not received any item since april 2016. Thanks to Vulva for their recklessness.

    However, the worst news is not that. Certain heroes have obtained items/skins which alters not only their look "SOMETIMES COMPLETELY AS IT HAPPENED FOR ROOOBEEK ON HIS FANTOCINNI'S DILEMMA!" but also the spell effects. Queen never ever had such a chance. The only single item looking pretty good yet suits to her is a single immo called "Bloodfeather Wings" which embodies some sort of glittering effects. NOTHING MORE! No spell effect changes on her q, her blink, her scream even her ultimate even though possessing 4 active spells she probably has one of the most potential skillsets among all.

    FUCK DESIGNERS AND WORKSHOP ARTISTS who tend to work on sniper sand king roobeek invodka nyx weaver pudge slark sven and certain more over and over again.

  7. what the hell is up with the names on dota2 items? are everyone sitting with a dictionary and just looking up the most fuckedup neverheardbefore words?

  8. Worst opening i ever seen. Sunsfan pull yourself together, pls. are you forced to making thos opening? u are bored and ur items presentation was a disaster. use so energy, man!

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