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Power : EVGA 1000W
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Keyboard: Corsair K70
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Mouse Pad: Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB
bout hero

Nature’s Prophet is a ranged intelligence hero, whose play style is different from most intelligence heroes, because he can be almost anywhere at any given time with his Teleportation. This ability allows him to participate in most ganks and pushes at a moment’s notice. With Sprout, he creates a ring of trees, trapping anyone within them in place, serving to disable anyone caught within them. The trees around him serve as his objects of power; using them, he summons sentient tree beings known as Treants from trees on the map with his Nature’s Call ability. Wrath of Nature is the main and only directly damaging spell in his arsenal, but it can potentially be very powerful, as it can inflict increased damage with each bounce off subsequent enemies and can clear out multiple creep waves with its moderate cooldown and mana cost. Commonly played as a ganker, offlaner and jungler and known as a strong pusher, Nature’s Prophet has superb farming capabilities and global presence, giving him the power to be anywhere on the map. Late-game, Nature’s Prophet makes himself useful by constantly distracting and annoying the enemy team by pushing. If attention is not given to him, he can single-handedly win the game by constantly taking several towers or even the Ancient

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  1. You can request slot for games on my Amino profile!

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    Amino app FREE download:

    Comment my last story to get SLOT on LIVESTREAM!

  2. Очень редко вижу нормальную игру, играешь против дна в каждой игре. Поиграй с лимитрейтингом хотяб 4к

  3. I watched ringing Furion nice all other heroes BALTA uses why not been years LONE DRUID,just another play just commenting haven't watch so much really LONE DRUID please. Try random must update DOTA 1 comeback is real unDOTA 2.

  4. И пожалуйста играй против нормальной тимы а то постоянно с бедалагами катаеш .

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