Dynasty Warriors 9 A Honest and Thorough Review!!

in my review of dynasty warriors 9, i try to keep it honest and thorough with the good and the bad with this game and yes i will still play the game despite its flaws.

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14 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 9 A Honest and Thorough Review!!”

  1. guys please do yourself a favor and watch the whole video BEFORE you comment. there is one person that commented saying that i gave no criticisms about dynasty warriors 9 when i clearly did. i repeat, WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO BEFORE YOU COMMENT!!.

  2. Basically you didn't call the game utter shit, and they hate that so much since they only want people to call it shit and nothing else. Which to me is very laughable. Personally I have no issue with the game, heck I have better frame rate than what people claim. THe only issue I have is the rendering. sometimes everything looks like play-doh before loading in XD

    I'm currently 100 hours into the game and for me, it keep getting better and better and thanks to the AI improvement from the patch, even normal mode is a little tricky now (currently I been playing hard mode since day 3 of owning this). while I'm tempted to just skip the battles and go straight for the boss, I hate the idea of being so weak I can't even fight back regardless of the stun mechanics. (I shouldn't have to abuse mechanics just to win, that just take the fun out of it) so I just go through all the battles. It helps I get more special coins to unlock better weapons, accessories and gems.

    I won't call it the best DW game (imo that title belongs to Strikeforce aka Multi Raid here in Japan) but it still fun. Hopefully they will improve more of the game with patches and who knows may even implement an online mode or even a conquest mode that works just like an Empires expansion rather than releasing a whole new game. Another system I would have liked, believe it or not, are preferred weapons (rather than just a preferred weapon) afterall in real life, these military officers and warriors used more than what they are known for in the musou series.

  3. I'm 50+ hours in and I think the game is amazing! This is the most fun I've had playing a Warriors game in a long time! Though this is just my opinion, and if you don't like this game, while I absolutely disagree, I respect your opinion. So PLEASE respect mine as well.

  4. And what about the costume packs of Dynasty Warriors 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 as well like in DW 8 XL? Will we get them hopefully again as DLC on PSN store later on or soon?

  5. honestly iwu'd have prefered if DW9 stick to its stage formula , idont like the Open World system , iprefer hack and slashing 2000/3000 ennemies on a battlefield with the brand new gameplay of DW9 , hope DW9Xtreme legends not gonna be open world and will improve the combat mechanics a bit adding some new weapons for cloned characters

  6. "Not perfect, but not bad." Pretty much sums up my thoughts. One more thing, I feel like the major battles lost their identity. They all feel samey and Chibi is a joke in this game.

  7. Yes. Framerates are horrible still. Along with graphics. (Base console concerns).
    I would love to see weapons being held on character's back or bealt as well. Armor repair, More hunting/fishing challenges, Free roaming boats. AI ride horses or actually move faster when reaching for objectives. Have more than 2 '' well-made '' cinematics, different house structures ( Not only rectangle type ), Harder trophy collection, Free outfits from at least recent Dynasty Warriors instead of making us buy them DLCs in the future ( Actually, I hope they don't make us pay for DLCs as such ). Horse Gear? Ex: when upgrading, swift horses gets this, Sturdy horses gets that? No? Naked horses it is then ! the most important thing I would have wanted in this game; Fresh-sustained Fps rate & well maintained graphics on EVERY engine.

  8. Did u unlock redhair yet cause im really far in the game I wonder how do u get the big and faster horses like shadow runner/ hex

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